Captain America - Side Step for 6 Damage (2.0)

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Flow Like Water - Side Step for 6 damage 52 46 9 2.0
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InigoMontoya · 2703

This is an update version of my Flow Like Water - Side Step for 6 damage deck.

Here are the changes:

I think the changes make the deck a bit more consistent with HP, thwarting and defending. You'll still Side Step for 6 damage. You'll still be able to defend for multiple people per turn. Cap rocks in Protection. Have fun!


May 03, 2022 celric · 243

Is this deck better without Armored Vest?

It seems like you’d rather not block all the damage so you can trigger Side Step, Jump Flip, and Energy Barrier.

May 03, 2022 InigoMontoya · 2703

@celric If you're playing Expert, I think you need the extra defense. So many villains can hit you for 6, 7 or 8 on their last side.

Remember that Jump Flip, Energy Barrier and Side Step can work with minions, too. I haven't been in a situation where I regretted the extra defense, but take it out, and let me know how it works for you!