Decked Halls 2021: Captain America's Crew

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KennedyHawk · 9990

Welcome to Decked Halls 2021 - Each year KennedyHawk (me) from the MCM crew puts out some decks near the holidays - this will probably be our last year making a deck for every hero so I wanted to try something new. What I'll be doing is visiting each characters preconstructed deck and reconstructing it. Each character will be able to drop 10 cards and add 10 replacements from other sets. Characters will stay in their preconstructed aspect. Cards are limited by a playset (how many you have in your collection if you buy one of every pack). So by the end we will be making some real sacrifices. Watch for audio casts on the MCM podcast and youtube feed in the coming weeks going over these decks.

If you are hesitant to deck building you can try using these decks in your collection as a new set of preconstructed decks that fine tune each one.

We are into the hero packs now - here's a reconstructed Captain America deck.

Captain America's original precon deck was all about keeping allies on the board and using them as a battery for Strength In Numbers and then exploding on the villain with an Avengers Assemble!. We've kept the end goal but changed around the allies and how we keep them on the board.

We removed Strength In Numbers and Avengers Tower other heroes would benefit from those more than Cap because his hero kit is strong enough on its own. We also removed Honorary Avenger and swapped Squirrel Girl and Mockingbird for 4 other allies focusing on theme.

To make use of all these allies while we wait for 1 of 2 Avengers Assemble! we brought along Teamwork and Rapid Response. We can still chump in a pinch and with Cap's 2 hero activations you are sure to be able to find a use for Teamwork in one of them.

I hope you enjoy this reconstructed version of Captain America's deck, What cards would you remove or add to Captain America's precon deck?

Happy Holidays!


1 Squirrel Girl

3 Strength In Numbers

1 Avengers Tower

1 Mockingbird

1 Avengers Assemble!

3 Honorary Avenger


1 Maria Hill

1 Black Panther

1 U.S. Agent

1 Goliath

3 Teamwork

3 Rapid Response