With Groot Power Comes Great Responsibility

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Moby · 2694

This deck is another take on Justice Groot, which is the best aspect for allowing him to flip frequently and build up his growth counters.

Use "Think Fast!" (which can just chip off a growth counter rather than taking actual damage) and Sonic Rifle to confuse the villain and flip over to his Alter Ego and use his Growth Spurt action. With Fertile Ground in play, that is 2 extra cards and 6 growth counters before flipping back to hero form the next turn.

With Great Responsibility, you can trade in your growth counters to prevent large amounts of threat without taking a single point of damage.

Impede is great because you can thwart for 3, get it back in hand and then pitch it for a 1 cost card like "Think Fast!", Clear the Area to draw a card, or one of Groot's many 1 cost upgrades.

It is very easy to keep the main scheme near zero threat with this deck, which lets you make use of cards like Venom or Pivotal Moment (although I took out Pivotal Moment in the latest iteration, but you can include it for some more damage).

The downside of this build is not saving the growth counters for Groot's bigger "I am Groot" events - but "I. AM. GROOT!" is so expensive I rarely use it anyway. And I always found that I had plenty of counters to spare to feed into his upgrades.


Nov 11, 2021 Schmitty · 431

  1. Absolutely amazing title.
  2. Absolutely fun deck! Using growth counters to power your Justice cards is really smart.

Considering you can have two restricted cards out at a time, have you considered running at least two Sonic Rifles?

Nov 11, 2021 Moby · 2694

@Schmitty Thanks! You could definitely run another Sonic Rifle if you wanted more to have more confuse available, but with the 3 Think Fast I was rarely lacking.