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KennedyHawk · 7992

This week's MCM Deck of the Week is Captain Marvel Leadership - we will probably revisit Carol sooner rather than later. This deck isn't all about Carol - it's a multiplayer or 2-handed deck all about the other player. Your goal is to pass cards and support to the other player and test out each new hero pack - letting the new hero shine.



That Premise This deck is designed as a deck to help when demoing to another player or testing out a new hero. We really want the second player to shine and feel like a true Marvel Champions (we can let them play Hulk on another day). To do this we are going to use Carol Danvers commander ability combined with great support allies like Maria Hill, Spider-Woman and Mockingbird to really elevate the other player.

The Dream Turn Your dream turn begins in the villain phase. Assume the other player is in hero form with 5 cards. You'll want to have a copy of Rapid Response in play and to defend with Maria Hill for both players by triggering rapid response sending the other player (and yourself) to 6 cards. When your turn beings use Make the Call to play Maria again (7 cards). Trigger Avenger's mansion to put them up another card (8 cards). End your turn flipping down and sending your commander ability to the other player (9 cards). Banana-pants! If you use some of the Hot Swaps below you could Spam Maria even more times with events like Get Ready.

Ally Choices We include 6 allies in this deck. Maria Hill is self explanatory. Kaluu is mainly here as a cheap blocker who can also fish out a well timed Make the Call. Mockingbird and Spider-Woman are here to support the other player. Bobbi can soak two attacks for them and Jessica can allow them a free pass to alter ego form! We round things out with White Tiger and Nick Fury to draw into our support pieces more often.

Supports? Team Training and Mighty Avengers are a bit odd (see Hot Swaps below). I often run these when the other player is already an Avengers but by combining this with Honorary Avenger you can often make the other players board Avenger's for them. Letting any new signature or aspect allies truly shine with pumped stats.

Hot Swaps

The Maria Hill Can O' Spam - Spam Maria more often than ever before by defeating her for Rapid Response and Make the Call using Get Ready

-1 Team Training -1 Mighty Avengers -1 Down Time +3 Get Ready

Pump'em Up - Use this package when the new hero has ready gimmicks (see Captain America and Quicksilver). Pump their stats to superhuman level. Remember sharing is caring.

+3 Morale Boost +2 Lead From the Front -3 Honorary Avenger -1 Mighty Avengers -1 Team Training