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None. Self-made deck here.
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INFINITE (loop) COSMO 1 1 0 2.0

IlEmperatore · 6012

Hi! I'm IlEmperatore, a Spanish YouTuber who dedicates his channel exclusively to share Marvel Champions content since the game came out:

The idea of this deck is so simple: Use Cosmo with Dr. Strange to name the card "Event" on the invocation deck, then you never cause damage on Cosmo. The deck includes upgrades like Laser Blaster Comms Implant or Inspired for Cosmo and Yondu. With Seven Rings of Raggadorr you can keep that two allies with a permanent tough.

3 Permanent allies in the board. Take care! :D


Sep 06, 2021 Immanent · 1

here’s some easy fix for you: 3 first aid> earth’s mightiest heroes 3 target practice>3 sky cycle then just add a couple of honorary avenger and this engine is good to go ;)

Sep 08, 2021 skireav · 20

Nice deck for sure! I like the use of Target Practice and the 3 Spiritual Meditation which help a lot to cycle through the deck. However I have trouble understanding the 3 First Aid, since your allies are not supposed to take damage. Is it for Dr Strange? Also I think that 1 Comms Implant is enough. Once you equip Cosmo with this and Inspired he twharts for 3, which is more than enough, combined with your hero and all of his tools. So Yondu should be able to attack each turn. I agree with @Immanentfor the modifications he suggested. And this would be almost the exact same deck than the one I published a few days ago : Sky Cycle with Yondu and Cosmo is such a blast!

Sep 11, 2021 juernesdemesa · 2

I defeated Ronan for first time thanks of this deck. Thank you!