Cost: 2.

Play only if your identity has the Avenger trait.

Hero Action (attack): Deal 2 damage to the villain. Deal X additional damage to the villain (to a maximum of 3), where X is equal to the villain's stage number.

Scarlet Witch #28.
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Sadly, aggression did not get a very exciting card this time. Forget it completely if you're playing normal: on the first stage it's 3 DMG for 2 resources, 4 DMG on the second stage. You'd better play Piercing Strike at this point.

In expert, it can somewhat get better: 4 DMG at stage 2, equal to a Drop Kick that you cannot pay completely in , but for one less resource; 5 DMG at stage 3, equal to Uppercut for 1 less resource.

Downside, it can only target the villain. And also, sadly, you have to be an Avenger to play it, making sure that the one hero who could pull this off nicely by recurring it over and over on 3rd stage - Ms. Marvel - is also the ONLY hero so far unable to play it.


neothechosen · 1849
Only targeting the villain is a big deal for an attack, though it is an acceptable rate at 5 DMG. Might be scenario dependent whether you want this, Piercing Strike, or Relentless assault — Stretch22 · 44