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She-Hulk Solo (One Deck to rule them all) 9 6 1 2.0

ogseamus · 207

This is the final version of the deck for my first playthrough of Marvel Champions. I was able to win first try against the 3 core set villains. This will probably be my testing deck against new scenarios until I get a favorite hero. I have the highlights of my plays below. I never saw Shadow of the Past in any of my plays.

Vs Rhino I got all my draw early and felt in control. Then Rhino got 2 charges attached to him and I had to be strategic with my plays. Mockingbird and flipping at the right time allowed me to win.

Vs Klaw My allies, specifically Daredevil, were the MVPs of this game. They were able to control the schemes and the minions that came out. Another key card was Interrogation Room. I never seemed to get the cards I was hoping for so I had to adapt my game plan every round.

Vs Ultron This was a close game but thankfully I got Daredevil early. He and Surveillance Team were able to control the main scheme and stopping it from advancing until the last round. My obligation saved me by allowing me to flip to alter ego during the encounter cards. I had an extra for finally going through my deck and an attack would kill me. I was finally able to play Gamma Slam for 14 damage to shut down Ultron before the Assault on NORAD fully got started.


Nov 05, 2019 Bronze · 75

What do you think of Great Responsibility? Since it is a hero interrupt I have always found it pretty much the same as Emergency unless I'm playing in a multiplayer game.

Nov 05, 2019 camipco · 1

It's stronger than Emergency, first because can save you when a big burst of threat is coming in, and then specifically with Jessica it's a combo with the amazing Gamma Slam.

Nov 05, 2019 Bronze · 75

But it only saves you when your in hero form, which means the villain is attacking you not scheming. So it seems only useful in multiplayer to me when someone else is in alter ego form and your in hero form. Or the rare scheme forced out of the encounter deck. It seems too hard to fire unless I am missing something. Emergency while not a strong card, is useable in the normal condition which you are in after ego form when they scheme normally.

Nov 05, 2019 sparetomato · 1


It's a very situational card at the moment. It works against the "Advance" encounter card, and can really save your neck in that situation if the villain gets a good boost.

However, in future we may see a villain that will scheme whilst you're in Hero Mode, and for that, Jessica/She-Hulk is the perfect target for this card, especially as @camipco highlights - she can Gamma Slam for high numbers.

Having said that, in She-Hulk Justice, I'd still probably take Great Responsibility over Emergency as it provides a resource rather than an resource, which helps with For Justice! and Superhuman Law Division

Nov 06, 2019 Bronze · 75

Then I think it is worth you guys putting your opinion in on the card page that differs from mine on this site. That way if your seeing it as a useful card for some reason, your view is also heard.

Including this card is in this deck as a solo play brings it down, but I think the rest of the build is good and a nice solo concept for She-Hulk.

Nov 06, 2019 ogseamus · 207

@Bronze Great Responsibility is better than Emergency in this deck. Jessica Walters power is basically always playing Emergency whenever you are in alter ego. Also the is good for Superhuman Law Division which is mainly how it was used. I did actually use it once in the Ultron game to slow down the scheme progress.

Nov 06, 2019 Bronze · 75

On the contrary @ogseamus, her ability is great when in her alter-ego, but using Emergency with it prevents the standard threat in solo at the beginning of the phase with her built-in ability and 1 threat of their actual scheming in the subsequent step of the phase doing good protection when she is in between forms. But honestly, just cutting those down to a 40 card deck instead of a 42 is an easy fix you can do since there are not good enough cards to warrant fluffing a deck at this point. But, to each their own.

Dec 09, 2019 Stefanos · 2

Did you try this deck on Normal or Expert mode?

Dec 09, 2019 ogseamus · 207

@Stefanos All the games were Normal mode.