Wakanda Leadership Summit (Core set only)

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Alduc · 767

Turns out Leadership cards are good. Who knew!

This deck counts on a strong and steady stream of cards to fuel itself. It also provides a lot of options - something Black Panther is itself very good at, so the deck complements his abilities nicely.

Don't hesitate to cycle trough the deck as quickly as possible. Only use First Aid on Black Panther if you really have to - it's so much better to keep you allies on the board as long as possible. If you can keep two allies in play at all time, Lead from the Front becomes very powerful indeed.

I'm still hesitating on the optimal number of resource cards. If you think it should be higher than 6, squeeze in The Power of Leadership.


Jun 18, 2022 furyf · 1

Is there some rule I missed, how can you have 2 avenger mansion cards in the same deck?

Jun 18, 2022 Alduc · 767

@furyf Avengers Mansion isn't an unique card, like The Triskelion is. You can therefore have three copies in a deck, but only one in play per player.

Jun 18, 2022 furyf · 1

Thanks for the explanation, I misread the card.

Jun 18, 2022 Alduc · 767

@furyf Pleasure! Don't hesitate if you have any other questions, I'm happy this deck from three years ago still gets some attention.