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Thor - Leadership Solo Expert 2 3 0 1.0

xyceres · 20

I just finished my latest run through of the 6 current scenarios (took 10 games overall).

The basic idea behind the deck is to constantly throw out allies to chump block and clear threat while using a few damage events (and Thor himself) to deal with minions/deal damage. Using the odd Morale Boost to hit important breakpoints and defend.

The notable scenarios were:

Klaw with Legions of Hydra: This deck was actually made while I was stuck on this combination with a teamwork/avengers Thor leadership deck. It was able to handle this scenario very well. Morale Boost was pretty useful here to kill hydra soldiers without extra effort, the large number of 2 thwart allies are good for handling the threat and can be used in conjunction with Defender of the Nine Realms to deal with legions of hydra side scheme in a pinch. The large number of chump blockers means the stun attachment and the exhaust boost cards (which generally are the scariest things in Klaw's main set) are often wasted on nothing.

Ultron with Under Attack: This took me 3 attempts but really should not have. My first 2 attempts I forgot that drones are minions engaging you so never triggered thor's ability and thus was consistently 2 cards short. Under attack is actually kinda scary for this thou as I often stockpiled 2 allies with 1 hp left for blocking purposes and this modular punishes that. Still 1st attempt when I drew cards with Thor was a blowout and the deck really sings in this scenario.

Mutagen Formula with Power Drain This also took 3 attempts and was easily the hardest. You inconsistently get your Thor bonus in this one unlike Ultron and threat is super fast in this. I found Morale Boost very useful to get a early thrall kill and defend to stop the threat. Almost managed it in game one which I dealt with all 3 "miniboss enemys" 3 times each but was 2 resources. The win had a shadows of past turn 1 and ended up killing Loki 4 times to clear him.

Changes I'd consider:

The Triskelion: It's really difficult to get 3 allies in play when you sacrifice 1 per turn and while this is energy resource it might be better off as a different energy resource card that can actually see play sometimes

Avengers Mansion and Helicarrierr: Both of these are expensive making them very diffcult to set up early due to Thor's low handsize. It may be better off to go with enhanced reflexes which are cheaper and still provide similar value if played nearer to end of the game while also being energy resources allowing for bigger lightning strikes.