Thor and the Warriors 3+ (Thor/Leadership)

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KennedyHawk · 14984

Happy Thorsday (a bit early!) With Thor's release last week this week I'll be playing a Thor deck on stream each Thursday for the rest of the month. This first week I'll be playing Thor/Leadership. Note: If you've read Neil Gaimen's Norse Mythology book you'd know Thursday is actually named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor!

Without further talk I present Thor and the Warriors 3+. The Warriors 3 are a common group that aide Thor on this journeys. This deck is no different except there are 6 allies as options and with The Triskelion you may end up adventuring with more than 3 in your backups.

The goal of this is to build your board state up to 3 allies, ideally Avengers allies such as Hawkeye, Wonder Man and Squirrel Girl but both Lady Sif and Maria Hill do excellent as well.

Once you have 3 allies (your Warriors 3) in play you want to keep them there. So make use of the new Leadership card from Thor's pack Teamwork. This card is really great and has lots of combo potential in the deck. One of Maria Hill's weaknesses is having only 2 health, Thor can use Maria Hill's THW value in addition to his own using Teamwork and 3 thwart can usually control some nasty side schemes in solo.

Another combo with Teamwork revolves are Avengers Assemble! and Avenger's allies in particular Wonder Man. Wonder Man's drawback is that you have to discard a card to attack with him, but not with Teamwork. I guess you are discarding the Teamwork card itself but he's not taking damage. So and Ideal turn goes, attack with Thor and Mjolnir for 3, attack with Wonder Man for 3, play Avengers Assemble!, attack with Thor and Teamwork in Wonder Man for 8. Now that required 2 specific cards in hand a card for Wonder Man's attack and 4 more resources. Yikes that's a lot, how can we get there.

Thor has a limited hand size but some great resource management. I usually try to play Asgard and God of Thunder x2 on my first deck pass while I focus on getting allies in play. Then my combo is set up for some action. Don't be afraid to use Strength In Numbers on only 1-2 allies, you are really focused on building your board state on this first deck pass.

I hope you enjoy this deck and watch for a full deck write up to drop on the Marvel Champions Monthly Podcast website this Thorsday! (I'll add a link to the article here when it goes live!)


Nov 08, 2020 Daredevil011098 · 16

Excellent. Was fun. Played against Ultron Standard/Under Attack. Last swing was for 24!