Wakanda is Protected

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Alduc · 247

With only a few products out, I'm already impressed by the breadth of deckbuilding that is already open to us in Marvel Champions. I've already publish a couple of Black Panther decks, but this one shifts in a completely different direction.

The deck wants to defend has much as possible, and as a suite of events to make sure the attack hurts the villain more than the hero. I decided not to include any healing, and was happy with the decision when playtesting.

The Golden City aside, the deck only relies on resource cards for economy - no Avengers Mansion, no Helicarrier. Black Panther wants to setup his upgrades quickly, he doesn't have time for costly supports.

I didn't include any copies of Get Behind Me!. While this card is great in multiplayer (where you are pretty much guaranteed to get a treachery to cancel every turn), in solo I found it too often just stayed in my hand.


Feb 12, 2020 walkecr · 1

I'd of been very tempted by Nick Fury to soak up an attack at a crucial moment. Think he works really good in solo play. Might try this. Quite like Tackle but you only have 12 cards with the FIST icon and three of those are on Counter-Punch which you'll want to be playing.

Feb 12, 2020 Alduc · 247

Don't discount wild resources! The deck doesn't have many protection cards costing 2 or more, but The Power of Protection is still worth it to enable Tackle's full effect.

(And don't discount that paying 3 resources just to stun the villain is usually still worth it. Tackle is such a good card!)

A copy of Nick Fury should be good in this deck, especially if you want to dig for a Wakanda Forever!.

Feb 12, 2020 walkecr · 1

That is true, I would be hesitant using Vibranium for Tackle though, it's a good deck, good luck, be interesting to see how you get on.