Unleash The Phoenix! - Expert Magneto w/ Video

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Daring Lime · 858

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Against scenarios with stalwart/steady villains, multiplayer, or in general long scenarios I would recommend adding 1-2 copies of Team-Building Exercise. Against Stalwart remove Psychic Assault and Psylocke, and in general you can substitute supports such as Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, etc to change from rush to a build out strategy or fill in gaps in the list if you don't have all the cards.


Unleash The Phoenix

This deck embraces the Phoenix Force. Instead of trying to keep your power counters and avoid becoming unleashed, use them as fast as you can and one-shot the villain! Every turn remove as many counters from Phoenix Force as possible. Then, once you're unleashed, the game will be over in 1-2 turns.


While you are restrained, your event cards will be significantly weaker, but you will also have 3 THW. This is enough to keep the game under control. The best strategy is to use this period to play allies. Strong allies like Wolverine, Colossus, and Nick Fury can dish out some damage and protect your HP. Psylocke and Professor X are especially good because they can be paid for using The Power of the Mind. Whenever you get the chance, chip away at the villain with Psi-Bow Attack and Psychic Assault. They provide damage and utility. Psychic Assault even allows you to flip to alter-ego and utilize the larger hand size with the confuse status card. Also, play Superpower Training and thwart it to grab Rise from the Ashes or Telekinetic Shield to preserve your hp.


At this point, the villain will be low health or already on the second stage. Your 3 THW will become 3 ATK, and this is the time to go all out. Your hero events will have insane value! Telekinetic Attack will do 9 damage with overkill, not to mention Psimitar will trigger to deal an extra 2. So with just 1 event and your basic attack, you can deal 14 damage! That's most of a villain's HP! Psychic Blast can clear a whole board of minions, and Telepathic Trickery can remove 4 thwart while stunning and confusing the villain! The game is basically a wrap.

Dark Phoenix


It's true that her nemesis minion is perhaps the strongest in the whole game. She is steady, tough, and villainous with 12 HP. On top of that, her side scheme is an alternate loss condition. The games where this nemesis set comes out are my favorite! Many people avoid going unleashed to decrease the odds of Dark Phoenix coming into play, but I don't think that's worth it. With this deck, you can dish out enough damage that even if Dark Phoenix is on the table, you can one-shot the villain before Dark Phoenix one-shots you. If you're playing the other aspects, you won't have the same damage output, meaning the game will go longer (more chance for Dark Phoenix to come out), and if Dark Phoenix does come out, you won't be able to one-shot her or the villain! Plus, where is the fun in staying restrained and not getting the bonus effects on your cards!

Strategy Summary

  1. Play allies to preserve HP and deal with the board state.
  2. Use your THW to keep the side schemes and main scheme in check.
  3. Use your Power Counters as fast as possible.
  4. Use Psi-Bow Attack and Psychic Assault whenever you can afford it.
  5. Unleash.
  6. End the game.

Feel free to deviate from the strategy if the situation calls for it. For example, in my game against Expert Magneto he did a chunk of damage to me and I needed to flip down. I then had to deal with threat so I kept my power counters around a little bit longer.

Deck Edits

Feel free to edit this however you choose. For example, if you are against a stalwart villain remove the confuse package and replace it with whatever else you want! If you want 40 cards instead of 41 I would recommend cutting an ally or one attack event. This deck list is a guide. Make it fit your playstyle!

Also, any questions or card suggestions about the deck are more than welcome! I'm on a quest to find the strongest Phoenix deck and it will help to get some feedback from the community!


Jun 06, 2024 rolipoli · 1

I love seeing phoenix's power being respected

Jun 06, 2024 Daring Lime · 858

@rolipoli glad to to hear it! I prefer Unleashing the Phoenix Force for sure

Jun 06, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 11527

Awesome list and Phoenix looks really fun in aggression. When I finally get her I’d definitely wanna play her in red :)

Jun 07, 2024 Daring Lime · 858

@Web-Warrior Fanatic That's great to here! I'm looking forward to seeing you play her!

Jun 07, 2024 DMTip · 1

Looks like a ton of fun! I've loved using the Agg Psionic cards lately on Psylocke. They feel very consistent and make good use of Power of the Mind. But they just absolutely wreck face on Phoenix, on top of Utopia to keep hitting with your unleashed attack. Dope!

Jun 07, 2024 ArcLantern · 7

Love the Deck! I recently made a Leadership Phoenix deck and it’s pretty good

Jun 07, 2024 Daring Lime · 858

@DMTip I also play psylocke in aggression with those cards. It just feels so good with power of the mind. I usually lean more into the basic attack with psylocke than I would with Phoenix, but they play pretty similar. I agree, Utopia feels really good while unleashed.

Jun 07, 2024 Daring Lime · 858

@ArcLantern I think leadership also can work pretty well for her! I will try it out soon.

Jun 07, 2024 boomguy · 551

Awesome list, thanks for sharing!

Jun 07, 2024 Daring Lime · 858

@boomguy Thanks! Glad you like it!