Wasp - G.I.R.L. "Guarding Identities, Resurrecting Lives"

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NelsonAllOver · 4303

Wasp Protection deck I ran at Con of Heroes 2024!

Deck Tech video here: https://youtu.be/TTcQWIJocg4

Use GIRL to recur Multiple Man to play over and over to block for the whole table.

Meditation helps get the high cost allies into play, and since we are staying in alter ego the majority of the game it gives us a use for our basic activation.

Use Med Team and Render Medical Aid to keep your teammates allies on the table

And pass out presents with Helicarrier and Avengers Mansion.

If your teammates start to hurt - bring along a Second Wind to heal them up!

Use GIRL to recur the solution to your current problem, and when in doubt, get more Multiple Man!



May 12, 2024 boomguy · 413

I loved seeing, and playing with, this deck at Con of Heroes 2024! Awesome deck!!

May 14, 2024 dr00 · 40709

I've always loved Multiple Man with Wasp. was a nice blast from the past seeing it at the con, especially with Storm boosting all of them. good stuff indeed

how often did you play Second Wind? it seems like a fun support card for the table if you're going to spend most of your time in alter-ego

May 14, 2024 StLion · 1017

Love the idea of this deck and the thought of going fully alter-ego and supporting that way. We don't get enough decks specially for multiplayer, thanks for the list!

May 14, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4146

Was a lot of fun playing alongside this, also with an AE deck haha. This has a lot of great interactions. Great stuff!

May 15, 2024 hootorama · 1

Great deck, and had fun playing alongside it at CoH when we played with Caleb! (I was Justice Ms. Marvel)

May 17, 2024 Schmendrix · 5104

Cool! I'm glad someone made this concept work! I played something like this on the Quantum Realm way back in the day: marvelcdb.com