Yoda-Ham (66 Damage OTK Expert Venom Goblin w/ video)

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 4716

This is the most powerful deck I can think of for the most powerful Jedi... Yoda-Ham.

66 damage OTK against expert Venom Goblin

The goal of this deck is to get Laser Swords down, then play Live Dangerously to unleash the lightsabers! Spider-Ham's innate thwart removal and survivability is so good that he is easily able to set up against even expert Venom Goblin and do 66 damage in a single turn in true solo. Check out the full 40 minute gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Msq0LY-Y38&ab_channel=Web-WarriorFanatic

Setting Up The Killshot

This deck has only 1 goal in mind: burst damage. There's no need to do any damage to the villain until we have the kill--that's how explosive Spider-Ham is. To set this up, these are the 5 core cards we will play in our first deckpass in this priority:

  1. Laser Swords

  2. Organic Webbing

  3. Stick-To-Itiveness

  4. Warrior of the Great Web

  5. Huge Wooden Hammer

Then, during the second deckpass, the moment Live Dangerously is drawn is when we go for the kill. Don't play Live Dangerously unless you have the kill because it has 4 bad icons which will allow Laser Swords to hit its cap of +4 ATK. With no other cards in your hand and just 3 toon counters, the 5 core cards give Spider-Ham 20 damage (8 ATK with Huge Wooden Hammer, 6 ATK with a ready from Organic Webbing, 6 ATK with another ready from Stick-To-Itiveness). Combine this with any Web-Warrior allies leaving play buffing Spider-Ham's ATK even more with the Warrior of the Great Web and whatever cards you have in your hand like Swinging Web Pig and that's more than enough damage to take any villain down.

One Goal in Mind

Why no Team-Building Exercise or Plot Convenience? This deck is streamlined. Team-Building Exercise is great for Spider-Ham because he has so many Cartoon/Web-Warrior cards and Plot Convenience can be good for holding onto Live Dangerously, but they don't help us survive or burst. Spider-Ham's hero kit will do the heavy lifting and keep us in the game, then every other card either helps us survive longer or contributes to doing damage. Web-Warrior allies help us control the board and with Peter Parker readying Spider-Ham and Ghost-Spider tutoring a Swinging Web Pig, they help increase our burst damage as well. The most swappable card is Avengers Mansion but I have it as a high cost target for the 8 resource cards in the deck and having that +1 card draw will help us survive and do more damage at any given turn.

Spider-Ham & Star War Puns?

Check out Andyr's Obi Ham Kenobi deck where I got the inspiration for Laser Swords with Spider-Ham.


Feb 08, 2024 andyr · 2194

If there’s one thing I can get behind, it’s more lightsabers :) I appreciate the callout, this one looks incredible. It makes me want to take yoda, skywalker, and kenobi for a spin. I need more copies of pool cards :p

Feb 08, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 4716

@andyr Haha definitely. Lightsabers are a blast and extremely powerful with Spider-Ham and his readies. Your deck was the first time I saw that idea so credits to where credit is due!

Feb 08, 2024 Pots · 7

Both amazing decks, keep up the good work gentlemen!

Feb 09, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 4716

@Pots Thanks Pots!