Resource 'Pool (Expert Venom Goblin + Magneto w/ Videos)

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Web-Warrior Fanatic · 1681

Resource 'Pool

Full Game Playthroughs:

Venom Goblin (Expert)

Magneto (Expert)

Ronan (Expert)

[Deadpool looks to excel at rush, so I used Magneto as a deck-tester. My idea is if this deck can take on expert Magneto, the poster villain for anti-rush, then it should have no problem against other villains.]

Do you want to be able to play anything you want at the risk of having a hand with only resources? Resource ‘Pool is the deck for you.

High risk and high reward is Deadpool’s mantra. But instead of rush, this is a control/build deck! The risk is we’re running Self Confidence, Self Control, Self Preservation, 2x Power in All of Us, Genius, Strength, and Energy. I’ve definitely drawn only these cards in my hand more times than I would like… but the reward is most certainly worth it! Being able to play Avenger’s Mansion, Helicarrier, and Web of Life and Destiny to get set up in a single turn is now possible without drawing a single card!

The core of this deck are the 3 ‘Pool aspect resource cards: Self Confidence, Self Control, Self Preservation. These are triple resources when Deadpool has full HP. Deadpool works so well with these resource cards because of his record breaking recovery stat of 8. If you have the resources in hand and aren’t at full HP, just make a basic recovery and you’re set.

Because of this, we don’t want to play Endurance or Symbiote Suit (early) because it increases our max HP and we won’t be able to fully heal with a single basic recovery.

The goal of this deck is to pass through the deck once, then set up a big burst turn to finish the villain’s third stage in 1 turn.

Early Game - First Deck Pass

Don’t fall in the trap of using the Regeneratin’ Degenerate every chance you get! Use it as a backup for Deadpool’s survivability as you’re getting set up. We want to play this 5 card core build in this priority:

Avenger’s Mansion

Chimichanga Truck

Web of Life and Destiny


Deadpool’s Katana

You may not be able to play all these supports/upgrades and that’s okay—I didn’t either in my gameplay example. Try to be flexible and play what you can/need. Slowly chip away at the villain with your katanas/allies and focus on building while surviving during this part of the game.

End Game - Second Deck Pass

This is where we try to get key cards for massive damage. We are looking to end the game when the Symbiote Suit is drawn. Here is our ideal setup: Peter Parker with 1 remaining HP, Ghost-Spider with 2 remaining HP, and Deadpool at full HP. Ghost-Spider can attack for 2 damage, then Peter Parker attacks for 2 and readies Ghost-Spider to attack again. Ghost-Spider tutors Maximum Effort to your hand. Both allies get discarded from consequential damage so you can draw 2 cards with the Web of Life and Destiny (these draws will be resources to pay for the Symbiote Suit). Then we use Maximum Effort for 9 damage and trigger Regeneratin’ Degenerate to flip to AE. While in AE, we want to make a basic recovery to go back up to 9 HP and Break the Fourth Wall to tutor the other Maximum Effort. Flip back to Hero form, play the Symbiote Suit and the second Maximum Effort to hit for 19! That’s 34 damage not counting for Deadpool’s Katanas or any other readies/allies. This has worked against expert Magneto and is fairly reliable to setup because the only variable is drawing Symbiote Suit. We can use Across the Spider-Verse to get Ghost-Spider, have 2 ways to get Maximum Effort, and have accounted for plenty of resources to pay for the Symbiote Suit with the extra draws.

Live Dangerously & Wing It - Being Flexible

The ideal setup won’t always happen so it’s important to be flexible and approximate it as much as you can! If Deadpool isn’t at full HP when you start the turn, that’s okay—without the first Maximum Effort, it’s still 25 damage which can finish the final stage of most villains. You can also pivot to tutoring This Card is Fire instead, which could be another 8-18 damage depending on when you use it. If you have both katanas and Stick-To-Itiveness that’s 6 more damage. Deadpool has multiple sources of damage and with this build enough resources to pay for it.

I’m still figuring Deadpool out so if you have any ideas, please feel free to share! I’m always looking to improve and build on the deck.

Edit 11/24/23: Changes I have made since publishing:



-Bob, Agent of Hydra


+Machine Man


These changes provide some more consistency and synergy in the deck. Spider-Man can ready up Stick-To-Itiveness or Deadpool’s Katana for a second use, Machine Man is an amazing resource sink when we're stuck with too many resources in hand, and Mulligan not only improves the consistency of the deck by scrapping bad hands, but we can use Stick-To-Itiveness and Machine Man's effects if they are already in play, then play Mulligan (as the first card played in the phase) to get a full handsize again.


Nov 18, 2023 journeyman2 · 16193

That’s a lot of resources! Makes a lot of sense with the WW draw engine. I always include Otto in Web-Warrior decks (instead of Peter in non-WW heroes), though you might not like that haha. Otto to ready Stick, Katanas, and particularly Armed is excellent

Nov 19, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 1681

@journeyman2 I think Otto might be great! I just got the SP//dr hero pack today (its on sale on Amazon) so I'm going to try some games subbing in the Superior Spider-Man. Not sure what card to swap him with but I'm considering one of the 'Pool allies. Thanks for the recommend!

Nov 21, 2023 Sr Ton · 196

Cool! I love it!

Nov 21, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 1681

@Sr Ton Thanks :) Deadpool is too much fun!

Dec 03, 2023 Dxmorgan · 1

Nice deck!

What cards do you substitute in the deck after the November 24 change?

Mulligan, Machine man etc

Dec 03, 2023 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 1681

@Dxmorgan Thank you! I took out the Helicarrier as I found myself never playing it and I also took out some 'Pool allies in Dogpool and Bob. Dogpool is great at staying on the board but he clogs up our ally spot with that acceleration icon and this deck wants to cycle through allies. Bob is an amazing card, I just preferred Machine Man as a resource sink.

Dec 05, 2023 Dxmorgan · 1

Can you update the deck please? Have a nice day