Machine Man
Aaron Stack



Cost: 2.
Health: 3.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Interrupt: When Machine Man attacks or thwarts, spend up to 3 resources of any type → Machine Man gets +1 THW and +1 ATK for each resource spent this way.

"Here comes heavy metal!"
Vision #22.
Machine Man

Machine Man is another card that is better than it seems at first glance. I did not include it in any deck until I made a Spidey green deck with an insane economy. In that deck I usually have the resources to atk or thw for 4 three times. Sure, is expensive, but 12 thw is insane and 12 damage is really good. So it is a card for very specific decks, but can shine in those.

The thing about Machine Man is that a 2 cost ally with 1/1/3 stats is already pretty good. He's the only 2-cost Basic ally with that statline, and only Star-Lord (crippling downside) and Blade (super broken despite the downside) have 3hp at Basic for 2 or less. He's probably only borderline playable without his ability, but being able to pump spare resources into him to either thwart OR attack is great. — estyles · 26
thanks, you added very good points! And yeah, Blade is super broken, I play him in almost every deck xD — Clintparker13 · 97

A pretty helpful ally for Hulk, who already likes basic cards, so being 2 cost it works well with The Power in All of Us. The value with Hulk is that if you get stuck with a card you can't use, you can plug it into Machine Man instead of letting it go to waste.

RabidHobbit · 10
The spoiler version of this vars is missing the consequential damage stars after attack and thwart values. — Sarge144 · 1

Typically with Basic cards, there is an additional cost levied because these cards can exist in any deck. And since this is a game predicated on reducing costs, a lot of basic cards never see the light of day.

But Machine man is an anomaly. He costs a little extra, but once you have him in play, he is a powerhouse. Think of all the times you have been at the end of the hero turn with cards in hand, and you can't use them. Machine Man provides you with an incredible way to clear your hand that either deals damage or thwarts, and then you can draw up an entirely new hand.

And since he has three health, you can leave him in the background to either strike or defend when necessary. His versatility is incredible, and to be honest, I think he's an absolute steal. Given what he does, I would have expected a cost of 3. Instead, you can chuck this guy into play for 2 and then have him do surgical strikes when you have cards you can't use this round.

He's a mercenary in the best sense. Love Machine Man.

MacGhille · 190