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Earth Dragon · 1099

Uses one of the most underutilized cards in Justice for Rampers: "Foiled!" Not only does it allow Iron Man to endure extra time in Alter Ego mode by getting rid of Boosts during Villain scheming, it synergizes later with Iron Mans Repulsor blasts when you want as many Energy Icons in the deck as possible. For Justice and Clear the Area form a powerful 1-2 punch combo to keep schemes devoid of threat, assist with the decks 2 wanted resources, while Followed helps increase the damage output from taking care of the side schemes. Even the 2nd Copy of Heroic Intuition doesn't go to waste as yet another Lightning Symbol.

This deck is a little on the Overkill side of the Threat situation for solo but can focus on using your dual activations to damage instead and all of the "toolkit" Support and Upgrade cards that assist with thwarting can be left in the deck if needed as energy fodder for the Repulsor Blasts.


Sep 05, 2020 Mag · 9129

Iron Man Justice was one of my favorites from the core set. Rad use of Foiled here and I’m glad to see Iron Man alive and kicking in 2020.

May 13, 2022 Teej12 · 1

This deck was kind of overpowered in multiplayer. Just played with this deck and a spider man protection deck, just let spider man protect and then used mansion and quincarrier to assist iron man and just built up his tech upgrades and then repeatedly used repulsor blasts that did 5-11 each play with all the energy resources in this deck, killed both Klaw and rhino in expert and going to see how it fares against ultron