Kicked Upstairs

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MegiDolaDyne · 4866

Like everyone else, I figured I should try to get in on abusing Med Lab. Phoenix seemed like the most natural choice to me; you get easy access to Cerebro, ensuring a consistent stream of allies and a way to search for Pixie, who is completely insane with Med-Lab. And as a bonus, you also have Psychic Kicker which helps activate your allies to death much faster than other heroes can. If that's not fast enough you can also ready them with Utopia!

The ally suite is about what you'd expect from a Leadership X-Men deck; we don't really have that many options and I normally wouldn't bother with Gentle since he's just a worse version of Colossus but the option of giving him double consequential damage on his attacks is actually a benefit in this deck if you want something to go under your Med-Lab. And we'd really like to have as many targets as possible for Cerebro to find. But mostly you're spamming Pixie and using her to recur all your other allies. Recur Forge to get out all your support cards, recur Professor X for confuses to compensate for all the flipping you're doing, Colossus, Gentle and Beast for efficient beatsticks.

The important cards to mulligan for: Cerebro, Forge (to search Cerebro), Uncanny X-Men. Uncanny deserves special mention here: once you have it out it is not difficult for this deck to play three allies in one turn (Pixie, whatever you get from your discard pile with her effect, and whatever you get from your deck with Cerebro). Honestly I would heavily consider running a third copy just to guarantee that we get it as early as possible, but this is a Phoenix deck and she has enough dead cards already. We also have a copy of Honorary X-Men to put on Phoenix so she still has the trait when she flips down to Alter-Ego, letting you have the discount from Uncanny at all times. Med-Lab is obviously what the deck is built around but you'd rather play it mid-game after you've set up your other pieces, and since you have two copies you can let the first one go if you have something more important to do first. Jet, Utopia, and Team-Building Exercise are nice to find early as well.

Beyond that, you know the drill, it's the usual X-Men ally craziness. Slam allies every turn, trigger Utopia a bunch, win. You probably won't use that many Phoenix cards, and it barely matters whether you decide to unleash, but having 3 THW is a great way to keep things stable while you set up your big combos. And between Rise from the Ashes, Telekinetic Shield and White Hot Room Phoenix can be surprisingly durable, which helps for those early turns where you don't want to chump. I'm sure there are more powerful heroes who can take better advantage of Med-Team, but I've found Phoenix to be a very underrated hero, especially when used as a platform for powerful aspect and trait synergies. Just, y'know, don't draw Shadow of the Past on turn 1.


Feb 27, 2023 journeyman2 · 22316

Nice write-up! Med Lab is a super neat card to deckbuild with

Feb 27, 2023 theromeo3517 · 1737

Looks awesome! Psychic Kicker is an incredible card! Gonna give this a test run and kick magneto's butt

Sep 29, 2023 morscordis · 1

This is great. I got my hands on a mutant genesis OP kit today, and was looking to utilize my fancy new phoenix identity card while also having a deck that could clear all the missions. This might be the one!