Location. Phoenix.

Cost: 2.

Alter-Ego Action: Exhaust White Hot Room → choose:

• Place 1 power counter on Phoenix Force.

• Heal 2 damage from Jean Grey.

Miguel Sepulveda
Phoenix #4. Phoenix #3.
White Hot Room

To my mind this is the grease that keeps Phoenix moving. I've noticed most characters get an Alter-Ego Action support card, and this doesn't look like much but it gets the numbers JUST high enough- and Phoenix wants to Recover just often enough- that you always play it if you draw it, if you ask me. (Unless you can confidently close out the game in 1-2 turns of course). Heck, I'd say this is a card worth mulliganing to dig for. Phoenix is fragile, with only 9 health, and power counters to squeeze and extra resource out of every turn lets you just play more.

The most important thing about playing this card is remembering that you're always getting two activations per flip, meaning you can heal seven damage with just this card and Phoenix's recovery. Imo Phoenix also wants Down Time, which frees up White Hot Room to give you a total of three power counters (two plus the Recover) with only a single turn of, well, down time.

If Phoenix has one support/upgrade card on the field, I want it to be this one.

DaLucaray · 15