Cost: 1.

Max 1 per player.

Response: After an ally is defeated by consequential damage, exhaust Med Lab → place it here. (Limit 1 ally at a time.)

Alter-Ego Action: Exhaust Med Lab → play the ally here as if it was in your hand. It enters play exhausted.

Rogue #28.
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It is a very confusing card. A defeated ally loses it's attachments (upgrades) and goes to discard. Do allies lose their attachent then we place it there?

Then I go to alter ego, exhaust Med Lab and play it probably on the card. PLay all so I pay for it? Or ust play?

Can I place another ally there (place it here. (Limit 1 ally at a time.)) since I can place on t a time while another is in play?

Questions questions...

cihs · 7
Yes allies lose attachments. You still pay costs for the ally when you play it. There can only be one ally attached to Med Lab at a time, and that ally is considered out of play. Some other questions are answered on the hallofheroes page https://hallofheroeslcg.com/official-ffg-rulings/ — Stretch22 · 342