Cost: 1.

Max 1 per player.

Response: After an ally is defeated by consequential damage, exhaust Med Lab → place it here. (Limit 1 ally at a time.)

Alter-Ego Action: Exhaust Med Lab → play the ally here as if it was in your hand. It enters play exhausted.

Rogue #28.
Med Lab

I'm not a huge fan of this card. It's cheap costing only 1. However, ally has to be defeated through consequential damage, cannot bring the ally back on the same turn it was defeated, have to be in alter-ego when playing the ally again and the ally comes into play exhausted, is too restrictive. It always feels so clunky. Make the Call, Regroup and Rapid Response seem more flexible.

Though Med Lab is multi-use, which is its strength compared to the aforementioned three, but it also has restrictions on how the ally was defeated and bringing the ally back into play is clumsier. And I suppose there is the second benefit that (as far as I understand) ally effects that trigger when playing it from hand also trigger when playing it from Med Lab.

elamdari · 4

This card is absolutely amazing. I run this card in a Captain Marvel deck where everyone is low cost, alongside Team-Building Exercise and Helicarrier. This lets you cycle cheap allies with low hit points, constantly recycling them off of Med Lab while getting lots of small damage hits and thwart actions. Maria Hill actually comes out for free AND draws you a card! You will always have an ally on the verge of Consequential Damage death, making the Med Lab a revolving door for allies! I actually consider this card better than Make The Call because Med Lab still is considered to be played "from hand", allowing economy cards to work with it, whereas the only card that works with Make The Call is Power of Leadership.

If you run a lot of cheap allies, seriously consider giving this card a shot - especially together with economy supports.

Soulfire · 33

It is a very confusing card. A defeated ally loses it's attachments (upgrades) and goes to discard. Do allies lose their attachent then we place it there?

Then I go to alter ego, exhaust Med Lab and play it probably on the card. PLay all so I pay for it? Or ust play?

Can I place another ally there (place it here. (Limit 1 ally at a time.)) since I can place on t a time while another is in play?

Questions questions...

cihs · 7
Yes allies lose attachments. You still pay costs for the ally when you play it. There can only be one ally attached to Med Lab at a time, and that ally is considered out of play. Some other questions are answered on the hallofheroes page https://hallofheroeslcg.com/official-ffg-rulings/ — Stretch22 · 557