The Blackbird (As pictured in Hangar Bay)

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Jamesdarcy · 52

Made for the Deck Factory Discord Challenge. Find it over here if you are looking for more Champions community in your life >>>

Well, well, well....Hangar Bay. You aren't really my favorite card, maybe against some Ultron Drones you can be handy....but I usually like risking my allies against something meatier.

Who's got some game to help bump you up a little bit, and who has got something to park inside. Maybe someone that has some cars, an animal of a frenemy that needs somewhere to rest his hog, can lead a band of allies from any aspect, some kind of plane that acts as a resource generator? Oh wait, why not someone that uses The X-Jet (also known as The Blackbird) in the artwork!?! Hello one of my least played one of my least played cards...but one of my favorite aspects.

Scott Summers, Hangar Bay, Protection.

This deck revolves around the mighty fine leader that is Scott Summers....just not in leadership....because the point is to use Hangar Bay. It also doesn't feel very is just X-Many.

Here are the nuts and bolts of play, what the intent was when constructing, and what gets ignored until late game ('s Scott's cards unless strategically helpful).

No.1 The Main Idea: Hangar Bay is the reason why we built the deck. Get a pumped up or tough ally to block a villain and then a minion, or those pesky second activations!

No.2 Finding those allies. Cerebro works best when Phoenix is in play, allowing you to search your entire deck for one of the 8 allies you have, or with Professor X when he's briefly in town.

Polaris is the natural born queen of Hangar Bay. She's either placing tough on someone else for some extra uses, or can throw it on herself for a double block right away. Combined with Mutant Protectors, you aren't even paying to bring her in. Same goes for Beast with the extra resource draw or any of the expensive allies (which X-Men do not suffer for).

Wolverine just keeps healing, Rockslide can swing and retaliate in one neat geological package, and Colossus pulls a Polaris....just always on himself. The outlier here is Nightcrawler, but his utility should be self explanatory.

Once Utopia is in play you can ready the twice exhausted Hangar Bay using ally during your turn for another swing....probably making space for the next ally to come in. You'll also have an extra ally slot at this point to park another card...or they can be an extra resource if it is later in the game.

No.3 Protective Training adds 3 HP to each attached ally and Game Time lets us ready and heal them during play. Rockslide, with a tough from Polaris, and Protective Training is now at 9 Health, with tough - or at 8 Health with tough, and cost 1 resource plus Mutant Protectors if a puny 1 ATK minion was used to bring him in. During some villain phases he could probably take an attack, Hangar Bay ready, and also take an Assault into another Villain attack - pretty fun.

No.4 Get that deck thinned! Once the deck is thinned to pretty much resources, hero cards, and is go time. My biggest frustration with Scott is never seeming to have the upgrade I need to get around his pitiful ATK 1 with Optic Blast. If you make it...half of the deck will be on the table, with Utopia providing a resource in the form of an unused ally. Just in case, get yourself down to alter ego via the professor or 4 Allie’s worth of thwarting, Weapon X and Constant Training to find two more of his hero cards.

If you didn't notice, I tried to keep things thematic with the team. Soooo many other allies would be great - but I wanted to keep things within the X-Mansion. Enjoy, or don't, but let me know so that I can improve the deck!