Cyclops- My Entire Personality Is 2-Cost Chump Blockers.

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Theberg123 · 1302

2-Cost chump blockers.

That's all you need to know about me. I play 2-Cost chump blockers. Hobbies? 2-Cost chump blockers. Stance on climate change? 2-Cost chump blockers. Favorite Morgan Freeman movie? The Shawshank Redemption... AND 2-Cost chump blockers. What am I looking for on this app? Who knows, but what we do know is 2-Cost chump blockers.

A little more about me, and by me, I mean 2-Cost chump blockers. Sometimes I play stuff that is effectively a 2-Cost chump blocker if things go right, like Beast or White Tiger. Sometimes I play something cheaper than a 2-Cost chump blocker but has a "drawback" whatever that means, I draw cards not backs. This includes the likes of Blade or Ant-Man. Often times my 2-Cost chump blockers feel like getting me something extra, but Forge has to do this in a certain way so I keep things around him so that they get a sense of accomplishment, but these things can also help with 2-Cost chump blockers, which is a interest of mine. I keep Energy Genius and Strength to effectively work with my 2-Cost chump blockers, and often go to the The Triskelion , a place often enjoyed by 2-Cost chump blockers.

Anyway, I have a great date idea to Infiltrate a Museum, who wants to tag along?


Nov 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 17952

Upvoted for making me snort

May 02, 2023 waitingforgo · 1

Long-time net-decker, first time commenter.

As someone who bemoans the "2-cost chump-block ally" mindset, I decided to do something different and give this deck a try. I quite enjoyed it. It was surprisingly strategic, in the sense that it was often not at all obvious WHICH ally to play in any given circumstance. And — especially with modern villains — chump-blocking isn't the be-all end-all strategy it was in earlier years. In our 3p game without Justice or Protection, I ended up feeling a lot like Justice AND Protection with this build.

And the write-up was hilarious, which is why I gave it a second look in the first place. :-)