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MegiDolaDyne · 4634

This is my second Mutant Genesis hero deck using only X-Men and Core Set cards, geared towards new players. Next up we have Shadowcat. Her main gimmick is that, naturally, she's untouchable. If she's phased out and defending from an attack, she can't take any damage at all. So of course her preconstructed deck synergizes with this, right?

Well, no. First off, it shares a similar problem to Colossus's; four allies and you can only play three if you're teamed up with the hero Colossus. It's hard to find a use for your Training cards, and it's especially difficult to use Team Strike, which is a problem when it's one of the only attacks in your deck. And the other one is Toe to Toe, a card that outright interferes with your gameplan of not getting hit.

So, while we could switch out our attacks for more versatile ones, we can also change gears entirely. If Colossus doesn't want those Protection cards of his, let's borrow them. Now we have plenty of ways to attack via Counter-Punch and Powerful Punch. Play a Counter-Punch after defending, and then use Indomitable or Ready to Rumble to ready up and defend again. All the ready effects are very helpful too; if you need to get into Phased form you can use your basic attack, otherwise you can use your basic thwart. But sometimes you're exhausted for other reasons and don't have an easy way to get back to Phased. For a time like that, there's always good old Haymaker.

And Powerful Punch, as per my understanding of the rules, is an all-star; you can play it in Solid Form (using your Solid resource to help pay for it) and attack the villain for 4, then, since you attacked, you flip to Phased. Now, since it's also a Defense card, the villain is attacking you, and since you're defending the attack, you'll take no damage and flip back down to Solid. Solid all around. And if all that's still not enough you can play Perseverance any time you change through your Solid/Phased forms. If you like being invincible you'll probably love this deck.

Big thanks to royal7 from Discord for coming up with the concept for these decks.


Sep 30, 2022 MegiDolaDyne · 4634

Here are the other three new player focused decklists I made:

Colossus: marvelcdb.com

Phoenix: marvelcdb.com

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Sep 30, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7579

Love this!

And for what it's worth, for players who have a few other cards in their collections, Preemptive Strike and Defiance are also great cards in this type of deck. You can use both when you're in Phased Form to defend without exhausting which will trigger a trip back to Solid.

Sep 30, 2022 MegiDolaDyne · 4634

Oh most definitely; Never Back Down and of course Unflappable will also do a lot of work.

Oct 01, 2022 Pololol · 7

Actually concerning Powerfull punch, it has been stated officially that the attack and defense are simultaneous, so that if you trigger it while in solid, you can benefit the resource and then flip to phased taking no damage, but that’s it. You don’t turn back to solid again…which is pretty better to me, as it will be easier to defend again if the villain wants to attack several times! ;-)

Oct 20, 2022 lkmyst · 14

@Pololol The ruling at Hall of Heroes states that after the attack ends, she must flip back to Solid (if the attacker was not defeated by the 4 damage)...

Dec 30, 2022 rhino39 · 1

Thanks for the deck! I’ve been having a blast with it.

Jan 17, 2023 salsatheone · 2

Ready to Rumble and Perseverance cannot be used the way you think they're used. Those cards are only used when you change form (Hero to Alter Ego and vice-versa). Kitty pride is using Mass form, which is not the same as form. So she changes between Solid mass form and Phased mass form which is a different concept, rendering this combo ineffective.

Jan 28, 2023 MKgamer431 · 41

@salsatheone Pg 3 of the MG rulebook states under New Rules: Additional Forms that "When an identity changes an additional form [...] it does count as changing forms for the purpose of triggering card effects such as Ready to Rumble."

Jul 06, 2023 Renazoth · 1

Very fun to play. Nice carda synergy and i love that it doesn’t take 10 different expansions to play :). 10/10