Natasha's Ready to Go Out

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Marctimmins89 · 95

I don’t really like Go All Out. This deck makes about as good a use for it as I can manage. 3ER for 6 damage (7 with Synth Suit in play) is enough burst damage to get rid of anything in play that's problematic. Black Widow's 2 defense and easy access to Alter Ego means you have plenty of time to build up a big team of allies (or just one big one like Iron Man). Stinger is a chump but allows you to get Captain America into play for cheap if she's on the table. Once he's there you can recur him with Rapid Response (even losing the tough on the way in he's worth it). Then Go All Out helps you close out the game fast. First Aid is for Tony Stark while he's getting set up and keeping him in the sky wrecking things. If you want to cut down to 40 I'd actually drop a Genius or Strength first as the deck runs pretty cheap once you have your Black Widow's Gauntlets in play and drawing from playing Preparations. Have fun :)