Spider-Man Morales: With Friends Like These

Card draw simulator

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mattvirkler · 7

Friends! Am I right? Just as you get to know them, just when you're starting to feel like family, they *&#$ off back to their own universes.

But hey, maybe you'll see them again someday. ... Maybe? Probably.

This quick deck leans into Web of Life and Destiny as the heart of a rapid card draw engine. Mulligan hard for it.

Go Down Swinging and Last Stand can make the most of saying goodbye to your web-slinging pals, and put a card in your hand to boot.

Not seeing Web of Life and Destiny early? S'okay. A few other tools can keep things humming even to the end of your first deck cycle.

If a few friends are sticking around longer than you expected, Strength In Numbers can usher in new options, as can a solid Moon Girl play. Rapid Response and Across the Spider-Verse can convince the best of those buddies, depending on your situation, to come crawling back to you.

Every departing ally is like a little leap of faith into a new card (all of this of course including Miles' own excellent and often low-cost kit).

Just know that trying this deck out is a little leap of faith of its own -- I've only tested it once.