Captain America Kick-Ass

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boomguy57 · 9

This deck is about punching hard with Cap, using Honed Technique to increase the damage of his events. Any “leftover” cards/resources can be used to ready cap with his signature ability, and trigger Jarnbjorn has many times per turn as you want) and/or Blade. Cap’s great economy with his Super-Soldier Serum, Quincarrier, and Martial Prowess allow him to pay for everything.

Hit hard and stay in hero form!


Jun 22, 2022 LordRabid · 1

Its not expressed on CDB but for honed technique, you need to pay with mental resources.

Jun 23, 2022 boomguy57 · 9

@LordRabid yep! That’s why I included Genius, and Quincarrier