Ironheart - Moongirl Bounce (Leadership)

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Moby · 4472

Mutant Genisis Update: +1 Beast -1 Any other ally

Game Plan

Play Moon Girl, using 3 Mental Resources (easy to do in this deck), and draw 3 cards. Put down a Regroup, let her eat a villain attack, and then play her again next turn. Chances are pretty good you could have another Regroup and keep chaining these turns together.


Each other ally in this deck can be used in a similar blink strategy. Rapid Response is also great to have, though it only works with a portion of allies (no Moongirl or White Tiger). Vivian can blank nuisance cards for a turn, even the Infinity Gauntlet. Maria Hill and Squirrel Girl are leadership staples, and will only get better - have you seen villains from Mutant Genesis? Every single one comes with tough.

Go All Out

But another reason Ironheart is a great shell for this leadership deck is because of her high stats, which can lead to an 8 damage Go All Out. Granted, by the time you are in Version 3, you can probably make short work of the villain and won't even need the Go All Out - but whats the fun of that? We like big numbers, we like fun. And using it in earlier Versions can still one shot any minion and do a chunk of damage to the villain.

Band Together

One tricky part of this deck is the use of Band Together; the wilds are useful for Moongirl, but since you are bouncing allies most turns you will have to sequence your plays to get its full effect. That's why I like Rapid Response, because certain allies you want to keep on the board until you can get a Regroup or Rapid Response (Hawkeye, Maria, Squirrel Girl), and also to draw from Strength In Numbers. You can swap this out but I have found it useful.


May 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 17958

Great deck!! This is where I got the idea to use Regroup in Nova.

Love the use of Go All Out. I like big numbers and fun!

May 26, 2022 Buildadeck2 · 1

Awesome deck! It feels like Patriot would be a great fit here, too.

May 26, 2022 Moby · 4472

@Buildadeck2 I did originally have Patriot, but I found I just never wanted to play him. I wanted to time him to get a bigger Go All Out, but it rarely happened. You could definitely slot him in though (Hawkeye is a bit of a 'flex' spot so you could take him out)

May 26, 2022 Mike_Dee20 · 1

Played with this a few times the other night (used a different probably less optimal suite of allies since some are tied up in other decks) but it was a lot of fun and effective

Jun 03, 2022 KingOfRohan · 4090

Wow, what a deck. Absolutely CRUSHED Kang with it just now.

Jun 25, 2022 RedRutan · 1

I used the deck on the Sinister Motives campaign on expert difficulty. Had a little trouble with Sandman and Venom then switched out 2 of the Go All Outs for Ant Man and a Ready for Action. I breezed through the last 3 scenarios without a loss, one-shotting Goblin Venom on the turn he went to stage 3 with all the progress counters saved up. Brilliant design.

Sep 08, 2022 jgslc · 1

Expert Mysterio just crushed me with this deck. I need to try again and see what I did wrong. woof