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celric · 424

1 year later its time to update my favorite multi-hero damage deck with the newest available cards.

From Neutron Bomb to Cluster Bomb

Wasp gives us the the highest potential damage from everyone's new favorite combo: Dive Bomb + Honed Technique.

Just in case you are not familiar, Honed Technique says if you paid for an Aggression attack event with a resource then you add the event's cost to it's damage.

For the heroes with access to aerial, Dive Bomb went from dealing 7 and 1s to 11 and 5s. Thanks to her Tiny-side ability “Small But Mighty”, Wasp will deal 1 additional damage to the villain for each enemy defeated this way.

Previously, you'd need to work to get multiple minions on the edge of death, but the new combo just trusts that 5 splash damage to every enemy will cull the masses.

Another reason Wasp is a great platform for this combo is her very high supply of Dive Bombs from Nadia's G.I.R.L. ability cycling Assault Training.

An Embarrassment of Riches

At launch, some players questioned Wasp's ceiling due to her lack of permanent resources. At this point in time she's become resource RICH:

Ingenuity, TBE, Mansion, Quin, and Martial Prowess give her an abundance of consistent resources.

Pym Particles, Hall of Heroes, and card-drawing allies will put so many cards in your hand Bendict Cumberbatch will knock on your door to ask if you've been tampering with the laws of nature.

Gameplay Notes

It takes a couple turns to get her stuff in play, but you'll be surprised how fast you can get rolling. The only MUST haves are Bio-Synthetic Wings and Honed Technique. Any other Wasp signature card you play is just because you have the extra resources.

There's only 1 Avenger ally, but Team-Building Exercise reduces Quinncarrier, Avenger's Mansion, and after you are aerial Vivian and Dive Bomb.

Angela brings out more minions, but don't forget that she and Cosmo are guardians so a teammate with Knowhere can gift you extra cards.

Looking for Trouble becomes extremely efficient with Hall of Heroes and Small but Mighty. 1 card gets you 3 threat, 1 damage, and 1 card.

Other Variants

If your teammates aren't controlling threat well, swapping Surprise Attack for Into the Fray probably solves that problem.

If you are playing a multi-villain like Wrecking Crew, Tower Defense, Hela, Sinister 6, etc., then Melee is a nice substitution.

There are not quite enough aggression cards to make No Quarter shine, so I don't recommend that.


If you enjoy playing focused decks that push the limits of what this game can do, I think you'll really like this one. Cheers!


May 26, 2022 TonyStark · 47

This looks great! Excited to try it one day when I have all the necessary packs.

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 20358

I love Wasp, and I was thinking about updating my deck with HT. My issues are that, Wasp gets more out of overkill with basic attacks, and has it through Pinpoint Strike, a recurrable card. Surprise Attack unfortunately has no synergy with Honed Technique. So I moved away from the idea. Why no Energy/Strength? Your cost curve is pretty high and Wasp’s economy is pretty bad. I don’t think there are many decks where cutting the basic doubles is a good idea. Seems like Meditation should at least be swapped for one since it doesn’t work for HT and has anti-synergy with Moon Girl.

May 31, 2022 celric · 424

Surprise Attack

@journeyman2 I've gone back and forth a bit on Surprise Attack since publishing. When you are paying with Martial Prowess, Pym Particles, Quinncarrier, or HT+Ingenuity, 4 damage for 1 card from hand still represents a very good value.

I flip between hero and alter-ego 90% of turns in the deck, so it's rarely a dead card. In the last game I played, I did swap 2 of them out for Melee and Into The Frey. Those cards had nice interactions with HT, but sometimes were dead cards, particularly on turns where I played Dive Bomb.

Energy/Strength These cards are out of the deck for 2 reasons: they don't have any effect and they don't have a useful resource icon.

Because I'm shuffling something like Energy, Ironheart, Meditation, Moon Girl, and Nick Fury into my deck 90% of turns, I'm getting the types of extra resources I want: and extra cards.

Of special note is Moon Girl. The rules allow you to overpay for any card and she allows you to draw for each mental you paid. So sometimes with a hand full of mental resources I've drawn 5+ cards when playing her.

That let's me get to my core combo of Honed Technique, Ingenuity, and Dive Bomb very quickly. Energy and Strength just slow down that goal.

May 20, 2023 celric · 424

Note: Rules Reference 1.5 no longer lets you draw extra cards by overpaying resources for Moon Girl.

She's still gonna get you 3 most of the time which is more efficient than Nick Fury.