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Elessar010 · 40

This is my primary Leadership Black Widow build. It's a deck that wants to keep its allies in play, instead of using them as chump blockers, etc. The only time I want to chump block with an ally, or allow them to die is when I have Rapid Response in play, so they get to come back.

The upgrades are pretty self-explanatory with all of the Preparations. I threw in one copy of Inspired for Winter Soldier to be a 3 Thwart and 3 Attack ally, who I pretty much play for free all the time. I try to keep this on Bucky since he has 4 HP and Bucky becomes the primary 1-2 punch with Nat. All of the First Aid goes toward Bucky so he can stick around. In most cases, he will never die, unless there is an emergency.

I always like to have at least two Make the Call for more ability to get allies back from my discard pile other than Rapid Response. Also, Strength In Numbers is pretty situational, but at times when my allies are all on low HP, or their stats aren't needed, I can draw some cards.

I love to use Rapid Response on Falcon primarily for the ability to look at the encounter deck, and remove threat. Hawkeye is extremely clutch to Response when you're playing Ultron, Mutagen Formula, or Klaw. If you focus Rapid Response on Hawkeye against Ultron, you can literally negate the drone aspect almost permanently. Squirrel Girl is fluff, and I like Nick Fury for theme here.