Laying Down the Law

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Fallenlegacy · 40

This deck is designed to utilize Jennifer Walter's ability to mitigate threat in alter-ego form. The idea behind this is that Jennifer Walters can bring her opponents to Justice without losing her cool and going hulk on them.

Key cards in this deck: Legal Practice and Superhuman Law Division These are what inspired this deck to be made and actually make it possible for her to stay in alter-ego form. Her passive on alter-ego is just an added benefit.

Justice Cards: Foiled! Keeps threat from going out of control with boost cards Beat Cop Constantly removes 1 threat and can be used to finish off minions if needed Surveillance Team Allows for removal of threat in alter ego Counterintelligence Can be used for both the villain scheming and for the passive threat increase each turn.

The next part is just figuring out how to do damage to the enemy, this is where your Allies shine, Hellcat and Lockjaw can get consistent damage by returning to the hand and to play. Jack Flag will use his ammo to damage the villain and Quake is there to keep the minions down.

Overall each game will be a long fought legal battle with the villain, but who better then the superhuman lawyer to bring them to submission through the wonders of the legal system.