“I’ve got red in my ledger. I’d like to wipe it out”

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NocturnalAnimal · 12747

Having a lot of fun with this deck so far. Works around keeping the Threat level down to the bare minimum whilst slowly pinging off the Villain’s health. I’ve kinda found that Natasha plays very much like Iron Man; build up her upgrades and stay in Alter-Ego mode a couple of turns at the start of the game. Covert Ops really helps with this, fantastic that you don’t have to be in Hero mode and it allows you to stay in Alter-Ego mode a turn longer by Confusing the villain (mitigating Natasha’s low health).

I’ve got Endurance and Down Time in the deck after a turn of drawing multiple ‘enemy attacks you’ cards and getting Black Widow KO’d in one turn.got the Doctor Strange pack too so I’ll see if I feel I need to fit Foiled in.