Scarlet Witch Defeats all the Villains

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Scarlet Witch Turbo Draw and Build HEROIC clearing 358 287 20 1.0
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Clutterbuck · 2

This is the Scarlet Witch Deck that I ran true solo through every villain in the game, including an Expert Rise of Red Skull campaign and a Standard Galaxy's Most Wanted campaign (I don't think expert was going to even be possible, at least for me).

Wanda is incredibly powerful. Rarely did I ever fear getting threated out (though Under Surveillance was the only thing that stopped me from losing to Ronan due to threat).

I did not originate this deck, though I tuned it slightly based on what I wanted to do. Kudos to those who developed the concepts to start with.

My purchases in the Galaxy's Most Wanted campaign were In Defiance Contingency Plan Brainstorm Heavy Cannon Armor Plating Mounted Laser

I played when the game first came out, and then picked it back up about a month ago. This is my first deck that I've run through everything - it was a lot of fun! I think I am going to try protection next, either Spiderman, Quicksilver, or Groot. Wish me luck!