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BananaCrapshoot · 1577

Hello Champions!

Galaxy’s Most Wanted is here and we are all excited im sure. I was super pumped to get my hands in another shoe in aggression beast with everyone’s favorite trash panda.

So I’ll talk through my card choices first and then we will talk some strategy after.


Bug- I’m using Bug primarily to be a thwart machine, getting one thwart off and then getting the consequential healed off by attacking with rocket makes Bug stick for the long term.

Groot- I can’t make this deck and not have Groot right? he’s a great blocker with built in heals, he should take 2-3 hits for us while also getting mileage off Thwart or even attacking. now if I am playing with another Groot player I’m switching this out for another ally. mockingbird or sentry most likely.

Spider-Girl - 2 cost ally with a very relevant enter play ability.

Valkyrie- good solid attacking ally.

Wasp- she’s just super flexible and versatile, she can be as cheap or expensive as we want and with that we can decide to attack or chump block accordingly.


Into the Fray- this covers a potential weakness which is threat control. on top of controlling threat this will allow us to draw off of Rockets ability also.

Mean Swing- Rocket has a fairly large arsenal of weapons at his disposal so mean swing. almost auto include, you should be able to play these whenever they hit your hand

Moment of Triumph- This covers another weakness with his low HP. we want to stay in hero form as long as possible to deal as much damage as possible so healing for 2-3, 2-3 times a game is super relevant to achieving that.

Relentless Assault- cost effective way of dealing with minions and it’s another way to trigger Rockets ability


Boot Camp- This card is great to get more mileage out of our allies over the course of the game.

Hall of Heroes- with all the excess damage cards we are built to deal with minions very effectively. now while I want to stay in hero form as much as possible, I definitely value drawing 3 cards very high. so I will flip to set up and draw off hall of heroes.

helicarrier- I don’t think I really need to explain this, 3 cost economy to set us up.


combat training - making rocket a 2 base attack makes our lives easier and makes mean swing even better

Endurance - I put this in every single deck at this point. giving us +3 health is so high for survivability and winning.

follow through - I think this card is very build dependent but with rocker and the excess cards like into the fray, moment of triumph, relentless assault. we get better payoff here.

hand cannon - really solid weapon, helps fuel what rocket wants to do by giving us more attack and overkill to trigger our card draw of rockets ability and combos with mean swing for big swings.

now for some basic strategy tips.

we want to play weapons and upgrades early and often. as well as an ally, I’d love rocket or bug early because they can control Threat and stick around while I’m building up my boards. so for mulligan I want a weapon and an ally, I’d also be ok with helicarrier or hall of heroes for some economy.

don’t be afraid to use I’ve got a plan to help control threat, since we ready we can get an attack off in that same turn regardless.

other than that this deck is fairly straightforward, it has a little more combo potential. you are often going to find you’ll trigger or play 2-3 cards an attack to deal excess, buff the attack, handle threat and heal.

I haven’t had time to do all the testing I want but I think rocket almost replaces Thor as the minion, board control aggro hero of choice.

this deck has some survivability and threat control built in so I’m confident in its ability to perform in solo or multiplayer environments.


Apr 08, 2021 ImpossibleGerman · 5750

Very focused build, love it. I’m going to give this a go in multiplayer. I think I’ll throw in my boys Brawn and Sentry to take advantage of that cheeky Boot Camp you’re slotting here.

Apr 08, 2021 dr00 · 7776


Apr 09, 2021 Descrygaming · 8

I don’t believe rocket launcher triggers moment of triumph because it does not have the key word attack.

Apr 09, 2021 BananaCrapshoot · 1577

@Descrygamingyea that’s correct. But we have rockets pistols, hand cannon, particle cannon, relentless assault, into the fray, and mean swing all available to us for excess damage to trigger moment of triumph.

Apr 17, 2021 Iskander4000 · 3

Maybe I'm missing something, but how is Rocket supposed to survive? Moment of Triumph obviously works well with his upgrades but it's not reliable enough to reliably heal him.

Apr 19, 2021 BananaCrapshoot · 1577

@Iskander4000 with Enduranceand Cybernetic Skeleton he has 15 health, that combined with his ability to heal off Schadenfreude and Moment of Triumph make him surprisingly Tanky.

Into the Fray and Relentless Assaultare also good cards to get healing off moment of triumph. You can set it up by pinging damage off rocket’s upgrades, then finishing off the minion with an overkill like into the fray, or relentless assault, or the particle cannon, to heal for 3-4 and maybe remove some threat at the same time.

Apr 19, 2021 Daringhour7 · 1

Can’t wait to pair Side Holster with Mean Swing to attack for 5+ And then exhaust two other weapons. If you follow with a Reload then it would just be diabolical. Guns blazing!