Black Panther

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VincentBoardGamer · 44

Set up your board state with armoured vest, electrostatic armor and unflappable along with your BP upgrades. Defend most turns but his strong 222 stats allow BP to thwart if required. He should only switch to T'Chala once every time you get Ancestral Knowledge to shuffle back in your good cards. Use brother voodoo to thwart and get your Wakanda Forever!. Try to defend your multiplayer friends with clea as she is just a cheap soak. Get a lot of draw with the golden city and avengers mansion and unflappable to search for the strong cards. You can defend your teammates and don't worry about too much damage because you can always heal with vibranium suit - which is what I always pick with my innate settup ability, dealing damage and healing is a very strong ability - but suit your teams needs with thwart (Tactical Genius) or minion dealing with Energy Daggers. You have a lot of vibranium so this is good for versuing Crossbones since a vibranium () can destroy one of his weapons instantly. Hope you enjoy the deck! :)


Jan 18, 2021 Superbosher · 84

It is a great deck everyone should use it.

Feb 04, 2021 Superbosher · 84

I have tried this deck out and you just do not die or take any damage and you never flip to Alter-ego either.