Spider-Man - Black Cat goes berserk!

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neothechosen · 574

I've seen a few decks around trying to max out Black Cat using the new leadership cards. Most of them look good, still, I couldn't help but to build my own, which includes all the bells and whistles you need to get a silly amount of damage out of Black Cat. Quite frankly, if you get things right, she becomes downright scary. So here's my version of this deck.

Buff Black Cat with Honorary Avenger so you can attach Sky Cycle, but don't forget Inspired and Power Gloves. She can then attack twice and deal 6 DMG a turn... at least.

The other part of the deal, of course, you got options to ready her: Get Ready, Inspiring Presence (3 times each). A case could be made for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, but it means you need to exhaust spidey or another ally... Get Ready is just more efficient for the same price and Inspiring Presence also maintains your other allies in play longer.

Of course it's fun when it works, once she's all set up you can squeeze a lot of DMG out of her... but you need to play her first. So you may need to mulligan everything you've got on your first turn.

Worst case, if she's playing hard to get, you can always resort to buffing Iron Man, War Machine or Ronin, which also works fine. Also, use Maria Hill and Nick Fury to draw some more in search for you MVP.