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camsimps · 1

I created this deck for the Rise of Red Skull campaign. The idea behind it is to use Steve’s Living Legend ability and Avengers Tower to get Avenger allies out at a discount, get them kitted out with upgrades, and then swing for huge turns with Avengers Assemble!. Cap’s high defense (with his shield out) and ability to ready by discarding a card are ideal for helping to avoid using up your allies as meat shields. MVP’s in this deck are Iron Man (with his ability to play upgrades for free), Ronin (who can double dip with an Inspired attached), and Goliath (with his +4 ATK action). Hawkeye is in there for minion control, and Squirrel Girl and Stinger are there as cheap allies to throw out there in a pinch. I added War Machine to possibly eat an attack with his tough status card, and also bypass retaliate with his ranged attacks.