Ant-Man Avengers Peng You (Friends)

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Pavvo · 2

Ant-Man and his Peng Yous (Friends)

A leadership build with a different focus than other leadership builds. My Doctor Strange leadership deck focused on recurring allies with "Enter play" effects. This deck focuses on keeping them around. Ronin and Iron Man are probably the prime targets for the upgrades (due to them getting boosts when played) You want to keep your allies around as much as you can, and leave the defending to your hero. Stay in Tiny form for most of the game, thwarting while necessary (and chipping their health away with Army of Ants

The Quincarrierserves double purposes - generating resources for allies, as well as providing a wild resource for use with Wrist Gauntlets

Watch a gameplay video using this deck here - For a breakdown of the cards, head over to this video -