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Mag · 12609

I've been wanting to make a marquee Justice deck for some time, but given how strong Leadership is with so many heroes, I always swayed toward the dark side (with Hulk, it was practically a necessity to tackle Heroic).

Not today.

Basic rundown

Ant-Man is an incredibly strong hero. Any character with 2 THW generally cleans up in solo play, but Ant-Man benefits from being able to swap from 2 THW to 3 ATK on a whim. Flipping is the name of the game, which has amazing synergy with the new Lay Down the Law card: which we're taking three of.

In many scenarios, Ant-Man can swap back to alter-ego to take the heat off of him without even recovering. We're bringing Concussive Blow to help "pay" for a potential villain scheme (with plenty of fist icons to boot), but in several scenarios, the ceiling is so high that Scott can comfortably sit in alter-ego for a turn let the threat pile on; then remove it with ease. Between his latent tiny hero power and his 2 THW, you can sometimes clear entire side schemes in solo without playing a card.

I've added Endurance to take advantage of this extra healing capability; as well as counteract the fact that he doesn't have a swarm of cheap Leadership allies to chump block for him.

This deck doesn't contain Swarm Tactics, as it is primarily a solo-focused list and the Wasp hero isn't currently available. Relying on the ally, I've found, is not nearly as consistent.

How to get to the next level

The true strength of Ant-Man lies in his supports/upgrades, enhancing his versatility. In sort: Ant-Man can do it all. His signature ally (Wasp) is flexible just like him. Army of Ants can handle ping damage while Hive Mine takes on threat. Giant Strength and Giant Stomp are villain killers: allowing Ant-Man to breeze through entire stages if needed with quick bursts.

This deck uses three economy cards (Genius/Energy/Strength) to help get those upgrades out: as he doesn't need to muddle his deck too much with the more restrictive "Power Ofs," given that he has Pym Particles via his hero deck. Allies are kept at three-cost or below, to help facilitate his upgrade economy while allowing ally support.

One thing you should be aware of: Team-Building Exercise can be utilized with Scott's Avengers trait on both hero sides, as well as tiny and giant. That includes Army of Ants, Giant Strength, and Hive Mind; on top of Avenger cards like Wasp and Quake.

This deck plays the long game while pummeling the villain with a steady stream of attacks. It's very high in thwart, but that's to make up for the challenge of playing on higher difficulties and dealing with unforeseen circumstances like two Advances in one turn (Counterintelligence and Under Surveillance help with that).

It won't be long until you start to feel like a more flexible Iron Man that can get started immediately, without needing specific cards to go "online." Ant-Man is a very powerful hero that should theoretically gel with each aspect due to his strong statline and flexible nature with two hero forms: both of which avoid errant scheming.


Nov 07, 2020 KennedyHawk · 17681

I don’t often run justice decks. But this one has me hyped. Great write up.

Nov 08, 2020 dr00 · 42059

i think Beat Cop and Clear the Area are such great inclusions here to help complement Lay Down the Law

i also like that you kept Team Building Exercise. hopefully Scarlet Witch gets a few more Avengers allies, but there's about 10 targets in justice already (including tiny/giant) if my math is correct, so it's still so great here for Scott

i'm still waiting on my pack, but i can't wait to try him out. Lay Down the Law seems like such a great card

Nov 08, 2020 BananaCrapshoot · 4730

This list looks like straight fire

Nov 13, 2020 Mag · 12609

@dr00Good luck getting the pack! You'll love him.

Nov 27, 2020 celric · 428

I agree that Swarm Tactics seems like a dead card too often in solo. I think that was a good drop.

How are you liking Earth's Mightiest Heroes? With only 2 Avenger allies, I'd worry it would also be unusable much of the time.

I would consider a Quincarrier. Once you have it, you never worry about having the right resource for the kickers on Concussive Blow and Lay Down the Law. It's also another target for Team-Building Exercise.

Nice deck and thanks for the notes.