Stunnning Hulk

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Ficus · 28

Stun, stun and stun. Hulk stuns everybody. And take enough time for board building. Every problem solved.

More stun, less thwart need. Stunned? Night nurse. Bad encounter card? Black widow with resourceful. Fist resources for signature cards. Power of and resourceful when other resource type needed. Thwart? Allies and sub-orbital leap. Need to defend? Armored-vest and counter-punch. Damaged heroe? Momentum shift. Without dead hands: supports, lockjaw,...

Red Skull Expert Campaign winner.


Oct 15, 2020 neothechosen · 2111

Love it!

I know this is a long way down the road, but any plan to include "never back down" from the Quicksilver pack?? Should fit right in, def, stun, and a .

Also, may I suggest using Quincarrier as a way to trigger Black Widow?

THX for the share!

Oct 16, 2020 Ficus · 28

Never back down and warlock for sure. Warlock can be a Beat cop that be healed with Banner's laboratory. Never back down extra stun. Love it.

I avoid quincarrier because is expensive and can frustrate signature cards. Nurse and suit are cheap and easily carried to the board.

Thanks a lot.