Spider-Man - Always Be Swingin’ (Aggression)

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Team Covenant · 3030

With 46 cards in the deck, you know this is the kind of deck I (Zach) could only build while Steven was out of the office. With him on vacation, I sat down for a Marvel Monday to try out The Rise of Red Skull campaign solo on stream.

As I was building my deck, I had the second stage of Crossbones sitting on the table. I couldn't get over the fact that he only had 14 hit points. The vast majority of my games of Champions have been 2-player and I had suspicions that my evaluations of cards - specifically the aspects and heroes - were skewed by this fact.

I decided on Spider-Man. Not only is he my favorite hero to play, but I also felt like he is commonly one of the overlooked heroes because of his relatively decent stat lines. On the stream, I looked at Spider-Man using both the Aggression and Justice aspects before ultimately settling on Aggression.

Why Aggression? There's no question that Spidey isn't great at Thwarting. Justice seems like a natural pick for Spider-Man to keep control of the game long enough to win but this really comes down to either fixing a weakness or reinforcing a strength. However, he has an incredible draw ability while he is a hero - all but guaranteeing he has a six-card hand in his hero form.

Combined with his 3 Defense and cards like Backflip and Enhanced Spider-Sense, he can easily spend most of the game as a hero. If he is spending most of his time as a hero, he really isn't in need of much Thwarting. I get a sense that Spider-Man Justice is actually quite good, but it's probably better in 2 or 3-player games where he can both soak attacks and help fix the board by removing threat.

Again, I kept seeing that 14 hit points on Crossbones. Looking at Swinging Web Kick and cards like Skilled Strike or Toe to Toe, I kept wondering if I could win fast enough to not even really need to control the game. I ended up playing the first two games of the campaign on stream so far, so I'll let the games speak for themselves.

A bit of a spoiler though. If someone had bet me whether or not I'd become absolutely obsessed with a Spider-Man Aggression deck even two or three months ago, I would definitely have bet against it. Here we are though, here we are.


Sep 29, 2020 ImpossibleGerman · 6426

I think Spider-Man’s strengths are just less obvious. He needs almost no set up to start rolling with the punches in Hero mode and a couple of his cards skyrocket in value in solo play. This deck really leans into maximum Spidey, especially with Toe to Toe, which one of the most fantastic pairings of a Hero with an aspect card in the entire game in my opinion. You have a billion ways to abuse that card with this deck.

Sep 30, 2020 Doc1Ft · 1

Tested against Kang today as he just arrived. Swapped out 2x Skilled Strike for +2x Piercing Strike & had a much better 2nd game. I normally try to keep to 40 card decks and as primarily a solo player I am bit tired of Leadership as an aspect so this was something fresh. Had a lot of fun. I'll be playing a lot more Spiderman.

Sep 30, 2020 mistergross · 1

I am definitely trying this out.

I have always been confused by Counterattack and its like - if you defend an attack and trigger Counterattack, does Counterattack deal back the original total damage, or that amount minus the defended amount?

Oct 01, 2020 mistergross · 1

HOLY COW this deck is really strong and fun. Beat Mutant Mutagen in around 8 rounds -- some good card luck. Highly recommended. Most fun I've had with Aggression solo.

Oct 06, 2020 DOHK1014 · 7

This deck was great! I tried to beat Zola expert 5 times before tonight. Took me two tries with this deck but I won. The first game I started with a terrible hand (two obligations) so things may have been different. Thanks for posting it!

Oct 12, 2020 zephyr100 · 19

@mistergross Counterattack deals less damage if you defend. It is meant for hulk style tanks to clear minions

Nov 19, 2020 gibby290 · 2

@Team Covenant You mentioned this is a great solo...what changes would make for multiplayer?

Dec 05, 2020 GrrttSyl · 1

what would you take out to make this a 40 card deck?