Recurring Nightmare

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CSal · 127


Nebula is an ideal choice for Suit Up. Her ability to confuse the villian and flip down on a regular basis allows her to recur the strongest card draw allies in the game. Welcome Aboard allows you flexibility in playing Basic and Leadership allies. Remember you can play Welcome Aboard in Hero form and then flip to Alter to play an Ally with the two resource discount. Fury, Hill, and White Tiger are here to recur for the card draw. Professor will get you a confuse when you need it. Kaluu lets you pull a Lethal Intent or Combat Ready. I like to use Combat Ready to shuffle back Evasive Maneuvering to get access to more status. Clarity is there just to use as a resource. Really fun deck with the ability to generate some huge hand sizes. Depending on your play style you can add a Triskelion, Daughters of Thanos, and/or Endurance. Let me know what you think.


Jul 08, 2024 corbintm · 1491

Good name!

Jul 09, 2024 CSal · 127

@corbintm Thank you!

Jul 09, 2024 adsarf · 414

Hi @CSal, I agree with @corbintm about the deck name. Not sure I understand the interaction though. I think it's supposed to work like this: starting in Hero I play "Welcome Aboard" (4 cards in hand), flip to alter ego and play Suit Up (3 cards in hand), play the ally (let's assume it is Maria so still three cards in hand) and then do something with my remaining three cards (hopefully one of them is a Technique upgrade)? If that's the case wouldn't I just have been better using Make the Call and double resource cards rather than Suit Up and "Welcome Aboard"? I would end up with one more card in hand, and it would still work in turns when I start in alter ego?

Can you clue me in on what I'm missing?

Jul 09, 2024 CSal · 127

@adsarf I should have mentioned that the starting in hero turns work much better once you have your board setup. The only real advantage of Suit Up as opposed to Make the Call is your ability to search your deck for an ally and upgrade. It just makes it much more consistent to target the ally you want. Early game I focus on confusing the enemy so I can start in Alter and play a Technique to draw two, then evaluate my options from there. Once you have Nebulas ship or an Avengers Mansion in play it creates more opportunities for big turns while starting in hero.

Jul 09, 2024 adsarf · 414

Thanks @CSal