A match made in Limbo - Legion Voltron/Control

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ghostwes · 14

Basic concept --> Use Magik's inherent abilities (on either alter-ego or hero side) to manipulate the top card of your deck to trigger whatever you need from Legion that turn, or to keep him healed up. Meanwhile, tank up Legion with upgrade cards, making him a force to reckon with.

Often, Magik is not doing a lot, other than playing upgrades on Legion, healing, and putting up barriers to prevent damage. Legion is doing the lion's share of the work here.

Notes on specific cards:

Summoning Spell --> Works great in this deck, though ideally, you do want to draw Legion rather than Colossus, who it is better to have in your hand for an emergency. Still, even if you do summon Colossus first, you can cycle the spell card back onto the top of your deck and then play it in hero form as well. In practice this has not been very limiting.

Spiritual Meditation --> While this card is generally useful for card draw, I find it to also be beneficial in this deck to "shuffle" the top card of your deck, in case you need to trigger a different ability from Legion. (Stepping Disc and Scrying also help with this top card "shuffle".)

Resource Cards --> I think these can probably come out, as most of the cards are on the cheap side, and I often don't seem to need them.

Suggestions are welcome, thanks for looking.