Unrequited Team-Up

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andyr · 4107

The original team that never got a team up. All throughout comic book history, Black Cat and Spider-Man were on-again, off-again. Peter can now make it official and ask Black Cat to be his Sidekick.

Quickly Get Your Sidekick

There are two copies of Suit Up so you can mulligan for one of those or Black Cat and 1 resource card. Once you do, use your scientist ability to help pay for Suit Up or Black Cat and get the sidekick upgrade. It’s great if you can use Suit Up, but since Black Cat doesn’t take consequential damage, it’s okay to wait.

You can also use Suit Up to get Iron Man and Inspired. He’ll be thwarting for 3 which will help any villain scheme. All of your allies except Black Cat have a base thwart of 2.

Ready into Action

Once you have your sidekick and an inspired ally, start to use your Get Ready to ready your inspired sidekick or ally to do some good damage or thwart spread. Side-By-Side also helps you and your sidekick to keep the pressure up.

Enjoy the OG, no-consequential damage attacking ally by making her your sidekick. In the meantime, Spider-Man defends the attacks so that the allies can be free to use all their activations.


Mar 31, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 211

Everyone jumped to Honey Badger for the sidekick shenanigans. Black Cat seems like another great choice, thanks for another great deck!

Apr 01, 2024 Web-Warrior Fanatic · 8991

This deck is awesome!!! It’s inspiring me to make another deck. Do you know how I can do that “inspired by” function in MarvelCDB to link to yours?

Apr 01, 2024 andyr · 4107

@Castlefrank47 thanks! It was fun getting to do a lot of readying with both of them. I always use Peter’s defense, so it was nice to also attack. Plus, it’s underrated getting to use his scientist ability for Suit Up if you didn’t get a resource card.

@Web-Warrior Fanatic I appreciate it! I think you can either click the “clone” button that has a disk icon, and it’ll automatically carry the deck if in the “derived from” field on the publishing page, or if you create a new deck, when you go to publish it, you can enter the deck id in the derived from field. It’d be an extra kindness, but definitely don’t feel pressured to add that! Much like Light Sabers, it’s just cool to see how ideas evolve across deck builders, and I can’t wait to see what comes from it :)

Apr 01, 2024 Proust · 26

Great deck! Imo, vivian is the best sidekick target, hope you'll made à vision's deck!

Apr 02, 2024 andyr · 4107

@Proust there are definitely a few up there for sure! At the moment, I’ve been enjoying Wasp with her Ant-Man sidekick in addition to this and Vivian. I’ll see if I can get time to polish them. However, you’re also welcome to do such a deck :). They are a lot of fun.

Apr 06, 2024 ChocoboBai · 944

Looks good, I think you are right that 2 copies of Suit Up is enough for this build.

Your comment on the other deck reminded me, I meant to ask why you had only included Inspired here? With Suit Up it might be good to stack several different upgrades on Black Cat.

Oh, and would recommend Clarity of Purpose :)

Apr 06, 2024 andyr · 4107

Thanks, @ChocoboBai! I really enjoy your Spider-Man sidekick deck!

As far as this deck, it’s centered around using side by side to give the stat bonus and doing a lot of readying, so I wanted to avoid thwarting Black Cat. But I still wanted to be able to have allies to do a lot of thwarting (7 allies have a base 2 THW) and to help with economy (5 allies have card draw as their effects). So that way, I’m using those allies to be able to draw or support the use of multiple readies or side-by-sides for Black Cat and Spidey. I think you could totally remove 2 inspireds to do other upgrades like sidearm. Both Black Cat and Iron Man would enjoy that!

And with Clarify of Purpose, I almost included two of them (add one to Black Cat and heal her with Side By Side) but I actually rarely struggled with paying for things, especially once Ingenuity comes out.

But like you said, those can make for great flavors of this deck!

Apr 07, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 211

@andyr I finally got around to playing this and it's a ton of fun. Black cat being able to punch repeatedly for free with her feels like straight up cheating. Love seeing Get ready in here. Makes me want to do a version of this for Quicksilver in a Scarlet witch deck

Apr 07, 2024 andyr · 4107

Awesome, @Castlefrank47! I hope to see that scarlet witch deck! :) and yeah, it’s fun to do multiple readies with Black Cat at 3 ATK after a side-by-side

Apr 09, 2024 daerthalus · 1

Have you considered running Sidearm(s) for your Iron Man or to put on Black Cat. +1 ATK is nice, but the real winner is the ranged they provide. Retaliate is a real pain when you're readying your ally multiple times each turn.

You could also run 1 Honored Avenger + 1 Sky Cycle to give your Black Cat a free ready each turn. You could cut the "Get Ready(s)" to make room?

Apr 09, 2024 andyr · 4107

Replacing a get ready with a sidearm is definitely worth it. I do like how much of a cheap ready “Get Ready” is, and depending on the table needs, you can use it on an inspired cable for an extra draw. So I don’t know about cutting all of them, but I think you could take 1 Get Ready and 1 Inspired to have 2 sidearms for your attackers.

This deck stayed away from “voltron” because of how long it can take, but I think doing a spin off and making it Voltron is great! And those are awesome upgrades to use in voltron-izing? this deck! Great comments and riffs on a sidekick Black Cat!