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ChocoboBai · 615

Wade is not the only one who can break the fourth wall! We don't have a Gwen-Pool pack (yet), so this will have to do. (credit to Markzilla for the deck name!)


Being able to store cards under George Stacy and Plot Convenience lets you use your knowledge of the villain to prepare and have exactly what you need!

Many pool cards have great interactions with Gwen's hero kit. It was Mulligan that made me look into Gwen-Pool in the first place, as she often spends cards in the villain phase. Play a response in the villain phase, leave yourself with 3 resources and Mulligan, then draw back to a full hand for the player turn. This gets even better with George Stacy and Plot Convenience that can be used to save Mulligan until you need it. Or, if you have more than 3 resources, use them to store a card before playing Mulligan - activating effects does not count as playing a card!

Gwen makes great use of the triple-resource cards thanks to her 3 defence. Combined with Healing Factor you can usually stay at or near to full health.

George Stacy gives some nice options with Pool. Firstly, Not my Responsibility can be kept there allowing a safe flip to Alter-Ego. You can usually let an ally take the damage, Nick Fury is a good target if you have him, or use a Web-Warrior ally to get a draw from Web of Life and Destiny. I tend to keep a copy of Pirouette and Punch there too, as it can be saved for Crisis of Infinite Deadpools. Dreadpool can be tricky to deal with, so having a way to avoid it helps a lot.

Plot Convenience is better for cards that you don't need in the villain phase, I quite like putting Mulligan or a triple resource there.

Lastly, Gwen really appreciates extra readies, as her events depend on using a basic action. We have Spider-Man, who can be healed using Tic-Tac-Toe (note that it is not once per turn), then Pool provides Stick-To-Itiveness.

Note that besides Headpool (who helps in dealing with minion swarms or thwarting), there are no extra icons added. So, it's a pool deck that you can play with friends who complained about them before!

The rest of the deck is rounded off with the usual Web-Warrior allies, Web of Life and Destiny, and Across the Spider-Verse. With so many resources you can often use Across the Spider-Verse to get two allies back at once.

It does take a few turns to set up, which can be quite common for Ghost-Spider decks in general. At the start you want to mulligan to try and get George Stacy and some of your upgrades, hopefully with a double/triple resource to pay for them. The card Mulligan helps to find George Stacy or Parental Guidance early on too. The deck really starts to work once you have some upgrades out and a few cards stored under George Stacy to use in the villain phase.


Nov 19, 2023 dr00 · 35887

this looks like such a fun deck

Nov 20, 2023 silvercloud · 1

I think headpool for multiplayer is still too much of a disadvantage, I'll replace with hope summers (to grab a web binding when i play her). Nice deck though I will give it a shot. Thanks for making this,

Nov 21, 2023 ChocoboBai · 615

@dr00 thanks a lot! It's not the easiest to play but once you are set up it feels like you have an answer to everything.

@silvercloud yeah you're probably right, also the other heroes can help with threat/minions in that case. Could keep it if the others are able to take a few hits. With all of the resources there are plenty of other allies you can use anyway :)