Captain America All About Go All Out 2.0

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Captain America - Insane DMG&THW *Expert clear!* - Video inc 282 233 21 1.0
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Kooz · 5

This deck takes full advantage of Cap’s ability to ready to perform multiple Go All Outs in a single round. Getting out Steve’s Apartment, Avengers Mansion, and your other resource generators as soon as possible is key, like most decks. Once you’re in good shape, the combos you’re looking for are:

  • Nick Fury + Rapid Response for card draw
  • Black Panther + placement of Go All Out on him
  • Morale Boost(s) + Earth’s Mightiest Heroes + R&D Facility in play + Tenacity

Cap can easily blast the villain for 30+ points in a single round with this deck. Given all of the activations you get out of Cap with his ability and cards like Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I didn’t add any additional thwart cards because he doesn’t really need the. If you’re looking to trim the deck, start with Tenacity and go from there. I like having it in play so that I get an extra activation with Cap when I play multiple Morale Boosts and hit R&D, or it makes it easier to get two Go All Outs in play in a single round.


May 04, 2023 celric · 433

Symbiote Suit works well with Go All Out too.