Spider-Man - Expert deckbuilding guide **video included**

Card draw simulator

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rstorcdk · 4773

Hi I am rstorcdk and welcome to my deckbuilding guide.

I've been getting requests to make a deckbuilding guide and I thought the best way was to show you my thought process while I build a deck.

Watch the video


I hope you enjoy it. If you want to see other heroes please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

A special thank you to my friend for the cool thumbnail. He overdid it :p

Check out our top 5 games played in 2022. After introducing Marvel Champions to my friends it has made its way into both of their lists :) https://youtu.be/DlfNqV4zV34


Feb 10, 2023 Teowym · 1

Thanks for the guide! Interesting to see your thought process cause I only look at syngergy andnot so much at weaknesses.. Suddenly makes sense why your decks perform so well.

Feb 10, 2023 rstorcdk · 4773

@Teowym I like to have my decks perform great in solo as well as multiplayer :) Thank you for watching.

Feb 10, 2023 PaxCecilia · 17

Interesting to see Haymaker! When I play Justice solo I usually find that I have to rely on my allies and champion kit for damage output, but I suppose with Spiderman in particular you don't want a Swinging Web Kick doing 8 damage to something other than the villain.

Feb 10, 2023 rstorcdk · 4773

@PaxCeciliaspot on! I also explain that very thing in the video. It just feels so wrong to spend a 3 cost; 8 dmg card to kill a 3 health Minion :D

Feb 11, 2023 SpiderPK · 89

Instead StarLord why not use Ironhearth draw one more card and no encounter card against you. And à mental resource too.

Feb 12, 2023 boothwah · 63

Great video. I decided to give it a ytest run on SM expert campaign and it has not disappointed.

Pulse grenade was such a good card in this....and I have to admit that it had been filed in the same part of my deckbuilding box with the cosmic entities and Warning.

This deck is better than a lot of my expert decks by about 4 cards. There's no fat in this one at all. If I had been starting a similar list, I would have no doubt piled in a Heli/Quinn (or both) and maybe even an unnecessary sense of justice.

Feb 15, 2023 rstorcdk · 4773

@SpiderPK I used to run her a lot, but she doesn't do anything besides card draw and chumb block. As explained in the video, spidey needs allies who can thwart and damage :)

Feb 15, 2023 rstorcdk · 4773

@boothwah glad that you liked it. Lower cost cards with the same efficiency is always a great bet. I used to pile on support cards as well, but spidey has those web shooters which are an incredible replacement :)

Jun 30, 2023 ThatDudeGuy · 1

This deck was fun to pilot, and the video explainer was great! Thanks for sharing!