Wolverine - One Tough Canucklehead

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The Claw that Broke the Camel's Back 304 251 28 1.0
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rbuggelli · 1

I built this deck based on the excellent Claw that Broke the Camel's Back https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/24209/the-claw-that-broke-the-camel-s-back-1.0

While I found Wolverine's AE healing impressive, it was apparent that you were giving up a lot of hero actions in order to heal (including the free 2 points of healing in hero form). Plus, 6 healing isn't all that great if you flip and take 3 damage to do an attack event. So my goal was to keep Wolverine from flipping as long as possible while mitigating the 2 or 3 damage you may take for doing an attack move.

I try to time my flips for when I have Perseverance in my hand as it serves two purposes for the next turn. I can 1) heal in AE form, flip, and keep my tough status or 2) heal, flip, get status and then use Wolverine's Claws to execute an attack event and not take the 2 or 3 points of damage. I have had situations where I would use Hard Knocks after flipping and using Perseverance to get my tough status back after taking out a minion.

I found that doing this keeps me above the 10 printed HPs after you play either Endurance or Adamantium Skeleton which makes Dauntless incredible useful to keep the pressure on the villain - especially if you are playing multi-player with Storm and her weather condition that gives you Retaliate 1.

Allies like Polaris and Colossus give you more opportunity for tough status which means Wolverine can have a Tough status for multiple consecutive rounds which allows you to take advantage of Wolverine's native 2 points of healing per turn and hold your HP to trigger Dauntless


Dec 16, 2022 Amarethus · 287

Tough negates damage and the claws require you take damage to use them, so tough cannot work to prevent damage and use claws to pay for an attack event.

Dec 16, 2022 rbuggelli · 1

Interesting - I have always read as the opposite. You exhaust the claws and damage would be taken but Tough status says "when you would take any damage discard this instead". So I did take the damage from Wolverine's Claws but the tough status acts as an override. I don't read Wolverine's Claws as saying the move fails if you mitigate the damage taken. But I could be reading it wrong. Is there a FAQ on this?

Dec 16, 2022 Amarethus · 287

There is a ruling on take and deal. You can mitigate dealing damage if it’s a cost effect, but you must take damage as a cost to get the effect.

Dec 16, 2022 TonyStark · 35

Colossus but no Fastball Special? I am sad.