Decked Halls 2022: Day 1 - 25¢ Weapons

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KennedyHawk · 13680

This is the deck 1 of 12 for the 2022 MCM Decked Halls tradition. This year Kennedy is building 12 decks with one collection so you can build these decks and just enjoy some games with family and friends instead of stressing over deck builds this Holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Premise: Use a combination of No Quarter and other damage boosting cards to draw into several cards and go to face with Mean Swing and Skilled Strike

Recommended Heroes: Black Panther, Thor, Hawkeye, Rocket, Valkyrie, Wolverine


  • 48 cards is intentional, we are trying to jam the deck with cards to ensure No Quarter hits several cards each swing
  • Allies and base attacks should be used to weaken minions, maintain them with Throg and Spider-Girl in order to hit with a huge No Quarter
  • Assault Training is mainly use to recycle No Quarter often, if you get one down you can use both uses in one flip (one the turn you flip and one next turn). Typically I try to play No Quarter 3-4 times per deck pass

Dec 02, 2022 journeyman2 · 7534

Love a Marvel Champions deckvent calendar! Assault Training in high card NQ is new to me and looks like a no-brainer

Dec 02, 2022 KennedyHawk · 13680

@journeyman2 I'm always trying to find use for the trainings - mainly in combo decks so I was pumped to try it with NQ to stack the deck. :) Happy Holidays!