The Power of Shadowcat (Justice)

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KennedyHawk · 16083

In this deck, Shadowcat shows off the Power of Justice (specifically mutant Justice / Peackeeping)!

Kitty is recruiting X-men allies and other mutant(s) like Jessica Jones and helping them bypass crisis icons using her Phased mass form and Mutant Peacekeepers...

The main combo of this deck uses 4 pieces:

• Get Jessica Jones onto the board and place an Honorary X-Men onto her.

• Use One Way or Another to grab out side schemes (ideally with acceleration or crisis icons) on them - this will boost Jessica's THW

• Use Mutant Peacekeepers to exhaust Shadowcat and Jessica and constantly deplete the main scheme

You'll likely get other X-men down along the way and even place Mission Training onto them but keeping 8-9 THW handy via Mutant Peacekeepers is key. Because you can spread the thwart removal you can keep the side schemes at low threat and pick them off when essential or leave them out to pump up your thwart potential.

You can afford to leave your allies on the board because of Shadowcats extreme ability to avoid damage.

• Begin the villain phase in Phased and defend (either naturally or with Quick Shift- this will flip you to Solid.

• On your turn play a Shadowcat Surprise to deal some damage and ready your hero. This will flip you back to Phased.

• Luckily your massform abilities don't trigger from thwart actions - so finish up your turn with a big Mutant Peacekeepers play. As more X-men Justice allies come out this deck is sure to change.

The largest I've gotten Mutant Peacekeepers was 15 - let me know if you get higher with some risk-reward Jessica Jones play!

• Shadowcat Base [2] + Heroic Intuition [1] + Jessica Jones [6] + Blindfold with Mission Training [3] + Banshee with Mission Training [3].

Have fun out there enjoying the Power of Shadowcat in Justice! If you like this deck be sure to give it a ♥ and check out the Power of Shadowcat Episode by Marvel Champions Monthly Podcast!