Hulk has a new clarity of purpose

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Designhacker · 438

This month has introduced cards that give Hulk a nice little quality of life boost with Limitless Stamina giving him a cheap ready, and Clarity of Purpose being a Determination-style card that leverages his high hp.

As is typical in my builds for Hulk, you need to use an aggressive mulligan For Helicarrier or Quincarrier. Once you play one of those on turn 1, you'll have it in play to put down a 1-drop in your hand if you got lucky. Most of the upgrades in this deck only cost 1 resource, so if you got lucky with your mulligan, you should be able to get Heli/QC down and then also play one of the following (in order of preference) Clarity of Purpose > Deft Focus > Boundless Rage > Stinger > Down Time > Plan B > Unshakeable.

The goal of this deck is to get team training in play so you can have Clarity of Purpose on U.S. Agent and Lockjaw, and use them with Strength in Numbers to consistently generate plenty of resources and cycle your deck more quickly. that last slot will allow you to recur solid thwarts from Adam Warlock and Maria Hill.

On the non-ally front, use your higher than average resource generation to play more of Hulk's solid cards than average, since you're cycling your deck more quickly with Strength in Numbers.


Jul 19, 2022 journeyman2 · 3799

Love the Adam Warlock tech, he’s a pretty underrated ally!

Jul 19, 2022 Designhacker · 438

@journeyman2 It's true! That said, I think people are hesitant to pitch cards which is why Adam Warlock doesn't see much inclusion. But when it's going to get pitched anyway, might as well make it worth something!

In this deck in particular, he'll usually end up removing 4 threat each use, and your team training and innovation will ensure that he can get a lot of utility!

Jul 19, 2022 Villain · 1818

The Adam tech is very cool, never seen him used with Hulk nor did I think to even try it. I make it 7 ER for 16 thwarting, or 6 ER for 12 and a block - if you end up with only a physical resource in hand. The initial tempo hit lowers its worth but, considering Hulk has the thwarting capabilities of a plank, it's actually super useful here. Love it.

Not quite convinced about the Lockjaw/U.S. Agent combo with Clarity of Purpose. Those are super-expensive Quincarriers with limited use. And U.S. Agent is another mental resource you don't really want here. With 4 other resource generators, I think I'd swap in Machine Man or Blockingbird instead of U.S. Agent, or perhaps Ingenuity if I really wanted an extra resource generator. And just burn my allies hp through activations between SiN draws.

It leaves the Clarity of Purpose spares circulating in your deck, but I don't think Hulk games last that long to be a massive factor. Especially given the chance to draw the CoPs before those allies, thinning your deck isn't really guaranteed the first time. So, at the very worst, I expect you'll have two extra mentals for one more deck pass before winning/losing.

With that said, I haven't tested this deck. Thoughts?

Jul 19, 2022 Designhacker · 438

@Villain Lockjaw is a staple for me in every Hulk deck, because you can play him whenever the opportunity presents itself (just drew double Limitless Strength and two 1-cost cards? No problem.) 4 hit points on LJ allows him to be used as a resource generator with CoP, or pinch hit for 2 THW as needed.

U.S. Agent was selected because he has the best cost to HP ratio that is over 3 hp in Leadership. With Team Training in play, USA with CoP will cover its cost if you use it 6 times, but it has that versatility for attacking, thwarting, and blocking that you wouldn't get simply playing Enhanced Physique twice.

That all said, I'd definitely consider swapping out USA for Ironheart and 1 copy of CoP for Target Acquired in some situations to bump more SiN plays!

Jul 21, 2022 Krummey · 1

I like it! I think I'll add an Ingenuity to give myself another mulligan target.

Aug 02, 2022 Fry · 83

I'm not super excited about putting Clarity of Purpose on either Lockjaw or USAgent, but I do like Lockjaw in a Hulk deck, since Lockjaw does almost everything you want, and I do like Team Training to get an extra use or block out of Lockjaw. Extra copies of Clarity to make sure you get it on time seems reasonable, and you can always play them on other heroes and/or toss them to Plan B.